You have created a fantastic race!
100 mile finisher, Sweden, 2015

Thank you for the super nice urasunti epiphany and a very nice company.
100 mile finisher, Sweden, 2013

A lot of heart and NO commercialism!
100 mile finisher, Sweden, 2014

You are a genius!
100 mile finisher, Sweden, 2014

I hereby register for the next race you direct, whatever it will be.
50 km finisher, Sweden, 2010

I have just experienced one of the most amazing moments of my life since like I became a mother.
50 mile finisher, Sweden, 2009

This is the most adventurous thing in my whole life.
153 mile finisher, Germany, 2007

Good luck with the gax 100.
Western States 100-mile Endurance Run Race Director, USA, 2007

To reach the finish line was one of the best moments in my life!
153 mile finisher, Germany, 2010

Cred to all friendly staff!
100 mile finisher, Sweden, 2008

Thank you for a wonderful race, it has made me want to continue with this wonderful sport, ultra marathon.
153 mile participantSweden, 2010

Thank you very much Stefan and the people of the organization!
153 mile finisher, Finland, 2010

My expectations were sky high and I wasn't let down.
50 mile finisher, Sweden, 2009

This is ultra marathon at its best - adventure in wonderful nature.
100 mile finisher, Sweden, 2009

I want to thank you once again for all that you did to make my first participation in trail so success.
100 mile participant, Russia, 2008

I felt it was just what I was looking for, something I wasn't prepared for at all and full of surprises.
153 mile finisher, Finland, 2010

Thank you for a very special experience, the most adventurous running experience I have had so far.
100 mile participantSweden, 2006

I will look back with happiness on the event and meeting so many fantastic people.
153 mile participantScotland, 2010

Thank you for a super race, as always when you direct races!!
153 mile pacer, Sverige, 2010

Thanks very much for a great and seriously tough event.
153 mile participantIreland, 2010

Truly magnificent.
50 mile finisher, USA, 2007

I would absolutely say, that you have created a race as difficult as Spartathlon.
153 mile participantDenmark, 2010

Cursed the whole race, regretted bitterly that I ever got an crazy idea that I could survive in these scary conditions.
153 mile finisher, Finland, 2010

I would like to thank Stefan and crew who made this an unforgettable weekend, will remember it as long as I live.
153 mile participant, Sweden, 2010

50 mile finisher, Sweden, 2008

They say Scania is flat as a pancake. Those who have run gax knows better.
100 mile finisher, Norway, 2007

Thank you for what you have started.
Ultralegend, Sweden, 2006

Amazingly impressive.
Race crew, Sweden, 2007

Thanks a lot for organize such a crazy foot race!
153 mile finisher, Germany, 2010

Very far.
Race Director, Sweden, 2009