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The race has been run

posted 21 Sep 2014, 08:52 by Stefan Samuelsson   [ updated 21 Sep 2014, 22:16 ]
The third the gax urasunti epiphany has been run.

The weather was very fresh and with a false tint of summer promise. Even balmy during the night but no rain. That came in the morning, like an hour of downpour, that's nothing! That is what makes or breaks a finish in many runs.

This third edition had nine starters and two friends of one of the runners joining for a few hours. Next race will be in the cold wintery month of March.

    1. Christian Malmström 22:01:59
    2. Henrik Kockum24:28:59
    3. Marcus Wiklund 24:41:22
    3. Stefan Samuelsson 24:41:22

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