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the gax urasunti IV is over

posted 8 Mar 2015, 00:12 by Stefan Samuelsson   [ updated 22 Sep 2015, 01:40 ]
The greatest worry was the weather, which turned out to be quite gorgeous considering the time of year. A drizzle here and there but all in all quite moderate, being a few degrees above zero during the whole race. Mikkel lead the way being the only one opting for the early train (32 km in 2:40 …). Four other runners took the later train and one did not take the train at all, calling it a night after six hours. Another casualty of race scratched after 10:30 but after that everybody (all six of them) soldiered on. A new course record was achieved by Mikkel in 20:23, Henrik now has three finishes (out of his three attempts) and Stefan and Ross pushed the limits for a close call coming in with 5,5 minutes to spare … This edition paid for the school fees (for a full year) for ten children in the Central African Republic. "The greatest of all victories is to be victorious over yourself."