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ebay Buyers Guide

Scams, rip-offs, and bad deals. Know what to avoid. 

 ...eBay is a great place to do business, it's a big community of buyers and sellers, but like any community, it will have it's characters and 'bad apples'.  We'll tell you what to watch out for and how to avoid them!

Search...How to find what you are looking for 
  ...enter the item you're looking for, click search, and Wow! 92,761 matches! Use just a couple easy search ideas and get the item matches you really want. We'll show you how!  Plus, see how to find those 'Super Deals' others miss!

The Items... Know what you are looking at

  ...Ok, you found what you were looking for, did you really? Is it really what the title says it is, or what you think it is? We'll show you how to be sure the item is what you think, and how to make sure it's authentic!

Costs... Know you final 'delivered to you'  cost

...Sure, you won with that 99 cent bid, but why does the seller's invoice say $20.99? What will it really cost you to get your item delivered in your hands? Don't overlook all the costs involved in getting you item.

The Seller... Know who you are buying from!

...are you buying from someone you can trust? Or that guy with a trenchcoat full of "Real" Rolex watches for only $10. Your best protection is knowing who you are buying from. We will show you how to check out your potential sellers.

Bidding... Ok, I'm ready, now how do I bid?

   ...Alright, I checked it all out. Now do I just bid on the item I found? Sure if you want to pay more than you need to, and still chance losing to another bidder. We'll show you how and when to bid so you get it for the best price

Payment... You won! Now how do you pay for it?

   ...Great, you won! But guess what? You have to pay for it before your seller will ship it. The quicker you pay, and how you pay, will determine  how fast you will have it in your hands! We can tell you the best and safest way to pay your seller.

Problems... Uh Oh! This is a problem, now what?

... Geez! This isn't what I bought, or that wasn't what I agreed to pay, or Hey! it's been 2 weeks, where's my item? Or it's in 'How many pieces?' What do you do now? We will show you how to get your problem fixed!
Avoid those scams and rip-offs
... the short version, 27 tips on what to watch out for and how to avoid them. Follow these tips and you can be sure your ebay experience will be a good one!

Links... all the basic links you need to start!

All the information you need to get started safely as an ebay buyer. 32 pages of information that will enable you to make smart decisions when buying on ebay, and avoiding the scams and pitfalls of bad sellers.


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