Ordo is a program to calculate ratings of individual chess engines (or players)  with similar goals as ELO, but a model and different algorithm. Its main goal is to keep consistency among the ratings. Programs with similar goals are BayesElo and EloStat.

This program is available for linux (32 and 64  bits), and windows (64 and 32 bits). Ordo receives as input a PGN file and automatically calculates a ranking  based on the results . The output could be a .csv file (comma separated value file) and/or a text file.

LATEST VERSIONS, pre-releases with latest bug fixes, and
releases are maintained at Github --> https://github.com/michiguel/Ordo/releases

Latest modifications of the source code are in the Ordo repository --> https://github.com/michiguel/Ordo

Last official version:
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Miguel Ballicora,
Apr 26, 2015, 6:26 PM