Gaviota (Spanish word for Seagull) is a chess engine available for Windows, Linux, Android, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. The code has been written as portable as possible, so Gaviota could easily support other systems in the future.

Gaviota is an engine, so it needs to be plugged to a proper chess GUI. Current version fully supports the latest Winboard/Xboard with all its new features. For instance, if you use Winboard or Xboard (Linux), you can configure the engine options directly from the graphical interface. Thus, Gaviota can be used with any graphic interface that follows the Chess Engine Communication Protocol, also known as Winboard protocol.

Gaviota also supports the UCI protocol (versions 0.75.x and up). For that reason, Gaviota can be also used with any interface supporting UCI protocol, such asĀ  Arena (Windows), Winboard/Xboard, ChessGUI, Scid, and most commercial interfaces.

Gaviota has its own book, learning, endgame table bases, and can use up to sixty four cores (SMP). Considering its multiprocessing abilities, the full name for versions 0.74 and up could be Bandada de Gaviotas (Seagull Flock) but never Deep Gaviota. Jonathan Livingston Seagull would be horrified to follow such a common and ugly trend. We could talk about the Flock version, but not the Deep version. The simple name Gaviota will be always appropriate.