Actor. Writer. Thief.

Gavin Starr Kendall
Height: 5’ 9”            Hair: Lt. Brown
Weight: 210            Eyes: Blue/Grey

starrkendall [at] gmail [dot] com

YOU BLEW IT!                     Dr. Leslie Spencer         Piper McKenzie/Brick Theater

WHALE SONG                     James Swan         Dreamscape Theater/Fringe 2011

EMANCIPATORY POLITICS                     Starr         Old Kent Road/Incubator Arts Project

OD@C: A WIKI ODYSSEY                     Cyclops         The Internationalists

THE LONE STARR OF TEXAS                     Lone Starr         Afternoon Playland/Brick Theater

A BRIEF HISTORY OF MURDER                    Nelson         Sneaky Snake/Brick Theater

THE PROTESTANTS                     Dern         Old Kent Road/Brick Theater

THE GRANDUNCLE QUADRILOGY             Arno/Kroff         Piper McKenzie/Brick Theater

I STAND FOR NOTHING                     Starr         Old Kent Road/Ontological-Hysteric Theater

BOOK OF DAYS                     Len Hoch         Actors Theatre of Houston

PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE                     Einstein         The Warehouse Theatre

A LITTLE PIECE OF THE SUN             Kostoyev         GeminiCollison/Brick Theater

THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE                     Harlequin         The Unity Theatre

CORPUS CHRISTI                     James the Less kef productions

HENRY IV PART 2                     Bardolf/Northumberland New York Stage and Film

THE WIDOWERS                     Bradley         J. Scott Chinn, Charred Oak Films

THE BALLAD OF LANCE AND BILL             Gavin         J. Scott Chinn, Charred Oak Films

TAPEWORM                     Science Teacher Margaret Laney, East 3rd Prod.

THOU SHALT NOT DREAM             Red         Javier Perez-Karam, G-Train Prod.

REDEEMING RAINBOW                     Randy         Dan McNamara, Upset Triangle 

A WORLD OF HER PWN                     M.C.         Doug MacKrell/Escapist Magazine

SCARFACE/”MY BLOCK” VIDEO             EMT         Marc Klasfeld, Rock Hard Prod.

Upright Citizens Brigade Improv Training (Michael Delaney, Brian Huskey, Jason Mantzoukas)

Warehouse Theatre Journeyman Program (Jack Young, Bob Hobbs, Roy Fluhrer, Jennifer Hubbard)

University of Oklahoma BFA (Dr. Clifford Reed, Kate Udall, James B. Nicola, Darryl Cox)

Powerhouse Apprentice Program Vassar College/New York Stage and Film (David Perry, Dennis Reid, Max Mayer)

Music: Singing (Bass), Guitar, Trumpet, Handbells, Percussion; Dance: Modern, Tap, Polka, Waltz; Dialects: Texan; German, Transatlantic, 

Standard British, Irish, Swedish; Long-form Improv; Stage Combat; Gunslinging; Horseback Riding; Juggling; Rollerblading; Bike Riding; Soldering; 

Arc Welding