The first authoritative, illustrated, full-length account of smuggling and related activities in Wirral. Covering the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it represents the first book-length account concerning this important chapter in Wirral's heritage. Not only does it describe familiar facts in great detail - Mother Redcap and her smugglers' tavern on the Wallasey shore, the labyrinth of smugglers' tunnels stretching from the Red Noses in New Brighton throughout Wallasey, and the wreckers who used to prey upon Liverpool-bound shipping - it also covers the less well-known aspects of Wirral's piratical past, including smuggling in Parkgate and Heswall, and the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Fortunatus Wright - the Wallasey privateer
    As editor:

Pseudonomicon: Schlock Anthology


Since the first issue was released on 10 April 2011, Schlock! Webzine has consistently featured some of the best science fiction, fantasy and horror stories on the internet. Editor Gavin Chappell has since accrued a motley collection of writers and artists, all determined to make Schlock! Webzine a force to be reckoned with.

And now, we present you with the best stories hailing from the first volume of Schlock! Webzine. Inside you will find monsters and killers, saviours and saints. You will see visions of the future and depictions of the past, alternate realities and alternate personae. The birth of a genre... and the future of several more.





In the gloomy summer of 1816, a motley collection of poets, exiles, and adulterers gathered at the Villa Diodati on the shores of Lake Geneva...

Fantasmagoriana: a collection of Gothic tales by Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John William Polidori, all originating in a night of ghost storytelling. Contains the complete FRANKENSTEIN and Polidori’s influential THE VAMPYRE, plus Gothic works by Byron, Shelley, and Mathew ‘Monk’ Lewis.

First serialised in Schlock! Webzine (





Forger of the Runeblade (The Runeblade Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

10 Mar 2011


The tedium of Hal Dawson's life in a quiet English village is shattered when swart-elves - creatures from another world - attempt to kill him.


Rescuing Hal, his old friend Gangrel tells him that the swart-elves are allies of Muspell, the fire-giant, who plots to destroy the world of the gods. Gangrel sends Hal on a quest through the Nine Worlds of Norse myth in search of the dwarf who will forge the foretold Runeblade - Muspell's bane.


Book One in the Runeblade Saga.



Bearer of the Runeblade (The Runeblade Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

9 Mar 2011


Hal now bears the Runeblade, forged for him by Alfrek, king of the dwarves. Separated from his friends Gwen and Eric, he travels on into the world of the giants, where he will learn how to wield his sword.


Meanwhile, the armies of the giants and swart-elves are mustering, and march upon the worlds of light. Will Hal beat them to the world of the Vanir and avert catastrophe? Or will the giants be victorious? And what of Eric and Gwen?


Book Two in the Runeblade Saga



Wielder of the Runeblade (The Runeblade Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

9 Mar 2011           


After many adventures, Hal reaches the world of Muspell, where the fire-giant king plots the destruction of the gods. Surveying the blasted, inhospitable fiery wastes, Hal despairs of completing his quest.


Meanwhile, Gwen and Eric flee the conquest of Vanaheim into the world of the elves. But the frost giants are on the move again. Asgard itself is threatened.


Ragnarok - the Twilight of the Gods - seems inevitable. Can Hal and his friends save the Nine Worlds?


Book Three in the Runeblade Saga



        The Sword of Wayland (The Wayland Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

6 Feb 2011


Wrongly accused of rape by Queen Cynethryth, Oswald, one of King Offa's finest champions, flees into exile.


Learning that Cynethryth plots to bring down her husband's kingdom with the aid of the Red Dragon, Oswald leads a small band of outlaws across war-torn Dark Age Britain in a desperate quest for the only weapon that can kill the monster threatening their land...


The long-lost Sword of Wayland!


The Sword of Wayland is the first book in the Wayland Saga trilogy.



The Work of Wayland (The Wayland Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

8 Mar 2011           


Two years after the events described in The Sword of Wayland, Oswald is living in exile in East Anglia.


Queen Cynethryth's machinations have brought Offa's kingdom and the Frankish empire to the brink of war. Oswald and his friends journey to the land of monsters in search of the one man who can bring peace - Wayland's father, Wade.


But Wade is nowhere to be found.


The Work of Wayland is the second book in the Wayland Saga trilogy.



The Bones of Wayland (The Wayland Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

9 Mar 2011


East Anglia has fallen. Even Oswald's adoptive homeland cannot escape the grasp of Offa - and his evil wife, Queen Cynethryth.


Learning that Cynethryth plots to bring all seven kingdoms under her sway with the aid of a dragon army, Oswald and his friends use Wayland's magic to travel to Northumbria, where an attack by Vikings begins a series of events that will result in the death of three English kings.


The seven kingdoms hang in the balance.


The Bones of Wayland is the last book in the Wayland Saga trilogy.



The Rape of Guinevere

Kindle Edition: £0.77

21 Jan 2012           


Melwas, king of the Summer Country, abducts Queen Guinevere. The monk Gildas intercedes in the ensuing war with Artorius. But Artorius' dealings with Gildas will blacken his name for all time...



The Curse of the Dwarves

Kindle Edition: £0.77

9 Mar 2011           

His kingdom beset by enemies both without and within, King Svafrlami is desperate to defend his people, but he is old and ailing. When he encounters two dwarves in the forest, he forces them to provide him with a sword that will win him victory in battle. But the dwarves, angered by their ill-treatment, lay a curse upon the blade. The Curse of the Dwarves tells the saga of that cursed blade and the tragic generations that bear it through battle and treachery...


The Man Who Sold The Roman Empire

Kindle Edition: £0.77

30 April 2011        

Ancient Rome under the mad Emperor Commodus.


Laetus, head of the emperor's bodyguard, knows that his master must be removed for the good of the Empire. But who is best suited to replace him, and how can they prepare for the coup without attracting the paranoid Emperor's suspicion? Laetus will have to resort to desperate measures before order can be restored.


But at what price?


Celtic Dawn

3 May 2011

The date is 400 BC. Britain is a patchwork of tribes and kingdoms, united half a century ago by Dumnoualos, king of Dumnonia, whose armies brought peace to a land riven by war. But now the High King is dead, and he leaves two sons, Brennos and Belinos, who are both supported for the succession by rival tribal factions. Regardless of their own wishes, one of the brothers is destined to be High King, the other to be banished. And yet his deeds in exile will resound down the centuries when the savage Celtic tribes burst down from the Alps to sack the nascent city-state of Rome...



Going Underground

Kindle Edition: £0.77

9 Mar 2011


Hamish awoke with a start. Darkness and dead white faces, loud noise and cloying, exotic scents assailed him from all sides: a scene rivalling Dante’s Inferno. For a moment, he didn’t know where he was....


Going Underground tells the story of three teenage runaways, Hamish, Eloise and Nick, whose adventures expose them to the seamier side of supernatural Britain.


Encounters with black magicians, vampire cultists and Neo-Nazi mystics culminate in a quest for the Celtic Grail, located in the depths of the planet itself, with which their enemy Tybalt Kohl hopes to resurrect the Third Reich...



Street Fighting Years

Kindle Edition: £0.77

9 Mar 2011           



They were just a group of lads with guns. They never thought they’d end up running the country. But when they finally fought their way to the top, they had a nasty surprise waiting…


And along the way, they learnt a lesson about friendship...



Dark Sail on the Horizon (Prequel to The Runeblade Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

24 April 2011


The seas of Northern Europe, one thousand years ago. As the first Christian millennium draws to a close, the old ways of the heathen Vikings are on the wane. A Christian king sits upon the throne of Norway, bringing a religion of peace and humility with fire and the sword. The reign of the Vikings nears its close, while dark forces stir far to the east, ready to snatch the kingdom of Asgard from the Gods.


Against this backdrop Erik the Cunning, Halldor the Honourable and Gudrun Ravenseye plough the waves. Merchants of Norse descent from Northern England, their peaceful trading voyage to Denmark is transformed into a wild quest for vengeance when they are attacked by the evil pirate-wizard Ulf-Hedin, prompting them to embark upon a feud as bloody as any waged by their savage ancestors. Across the seas they must pursue their foe, a man immune to mortal weapons. From the Hebrides to the isles of Orkney and on into the cold Arctic Sea and the lands of the giants beyond, they sail with vengeance in their hearts, desperate to discover a means to despatch their seemingly invulnerable foe. Yet even when the success of their quest is prophesised by the spirit of a long dead witch, it becomes clear that nothing is simple in a world of warriors and wizardry...



Babbage Must Die

Kindle Edition: £0.77

8 Dec 2011


‘There are no jobs. Do you not pay any attention to the world around you? The human race has replaced itself with computers and automated systems. Even the job centre is automated. We’re a planet full of slackers, kept alive by universal credit...’


In a dystopian world of the near future, the human race has been made redundant by computerisation and automation. Brian, a man who has never done a day's work in his life, encounters Ada, a girl with a plan - and access to a time machine. Her intention is to assassinate Charles Babbage, inventor of the computer.


Brian and Ada journey back to the early nineteenth century, their mission to kill Babbage before he makes his breakthrough. But between them and success lies the length and breadth of Regency England, a wild, unruly period. Luddite rebels, the Royal Navy, Romantic poets, transportation, piracy, shipwreck, the horrors of Bedlam and polite society all lie between them and their goal.


But they know they must persevere. For the sake of humanity's future -





Castle of the Blood Visage (Red Daughter)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

16 Jan 2012


Viking shieldmaiden the Red Daughter is pitted against a nest of Celtic vampires....



The House of Skulls

Kindle Edition: £0.77

16 Jan 2012


Yeduza, a warrior woman of the Emperor Mtogo's bodyguard, fights against the zombie army that assails the land of Nago. She must seek support among the pygmies of the jungle and make a pact with the nomads of the northern desert before she has a chance to defeat her sinister foes.


And even then, peril awaits...



Dragons of the Dumb Sea

Kindle Edition: £0.77

17 Jan 2012


Thorkell the Icelander and a motley crew of Vikings sail into the frozen North, on a quest for the treasure of the were-dragons...


Gordred and the Golden Goose (The Scrivener's Saga)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

25 Jan 2012           

The secret to untold riches creates galloping inflation and social breakdown in the city-state of Cosht.



Off to Bedlam without any Supper

Kindle Edition: £0.77

25 Jan 2012           

An old man faces a dystopian future where hilarity is compulsory...



Spacesick! (The Dungeoneers)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

26 Jan 2012           

Four space pirates are pursued by the galactic police.



The Blood Eagle (Red Daughter)

Kindle Edition: £0.77

26 Jan 2012


Her father slain by murderous berserks, Ingunn is alone in the world except for her cowardly brother Thrand.

 She burns with the desire for vengeance, but her enemy Varg the Black is the master of a Viking fleet.

 Ingunn must become a Viking herself before she can hope to fulfil her vow - to hunt Varg down and slay him with the infamous blood-eagle torture...



The Last of the Ogres

Kindle Edition: £0.77

28 Jan 2012           

A perfect gentle knight grows up at last...


Celtic Warrior

Kindle Edition: £0.77

29 Jan 2012



A pagan god, a virgin sacrifice; just another night’s work for Walwain the Pict. Or is it?


Walwain is pitted against the tyrant Vortigern and his motley coven of sorcerers.


Walwain searches derelict Londinium for Britannia’s future.


Thieves from the Stars

Kindle Edition: £0.77

30 Jan 2012


Theodric the Saxon flees the wrath of Artorius into the haunted depths of the Caledonian Forest.


State of Emergency

Kindle Edition: £0.77

10 Feb 2012




In a terrifying England of the near future, Will's chance reencounter with his old tutor plunges him into a world of political demonstrations and police brutality.


Persuaded by beautiful activist Daisy Rae to take direct action, Will is horrified to find society descending into chaos as a result. He and his friends embark upon a nightmare flight through the London streets that swarm with rogue members of the security forces.


The country's last chance for liberty lies in a deserted hotel room in Shepherds Bush. But what chance does Will have of getting Professor Quigley's Manifesto to Oxford before civil war erupts?


Halls of the Slain

Kindle Edition: £0.77

11 Feb 2012


Erik Bloodaxe, king of Jorvik, slain in battle in Swaledale, makes a dramatic entrance into the Halls of Valhalla...



The Pendragon Inheritance

Kindle Edition: £0.77

11 Feb 2012


In a post apocalyptic England of the future, the only hope for the country is King Arthur...



Seizing the Day

Kindle Edition: £0.77

11 Feb 2012


Tzarn the librarian sets forth on a quest for the gauds of the god-king...



Wolf Moon

Kindle Edition: £0.77

12 Feb 2012




Titus slumped. ‘Isn’t there anywhere safe in this country?’

Dubigalos laughed. ‘Matter of fact, there is,’ he said. ‘We can head for the territory of a friendly tribe. Trouble is, it means going up north – away from the river.’

Titus relaxed a little. He looked suspiciously at the Caledonian.

‘And what are they called, this friendly tribe of yours?’

Dubigalos looked nonchalantly northward. He whistled between his teeth.

‘Vandals,’ he said after a moment.


NB. Prices correct at time of going to press.



A Book of Uncommon Prayer (contributor) Hardback Paperback
"... a collection of spiritual and devotional texts, drawn from both inside and outside the limits of the world's religious traditions. It is organized with attention to the occasions of prayer, prayerful thought, and meditation. In an age marked at once by religious violence and the falling away of orthodox religious observance in the West, here is a book that recognizes - and demonstrates - the universality of prayer. " Includes my 'Nine Herbs Charm."

The Legendary History of the Anglo-Saxon People, from the Coming of the Sheaf-Child to the Settlement of England, compiled from divers sources by Gavin Chappell