Happy Birthday Joey (41)

This was a quick little poem I wrote for Joanne's 41st Birthday. I didn't have time to do it proper justice - it's literally a 10 minute job - but it works.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife

who provides me with the joy and love in my life

Who puts up with all my weird litte ways

and decorates my heart with her love al-ways

She's given me my two beautiful boys

Who make a huge mess and don't pick up their toys

who fill up our house with laughter and fun

yes... happy birthday Joey. You're my number one.

She loves telly, home renovation shows

but she doesn't like barking (as our neighbor knows)

and she loves to play games on our PC

like Zuma and luxor and bejeweled you see.

but she's a joey leader too and great with the kids

although I must say that ours eat like pigs

and she's good with the homework, dedicated and kind

I couldn't do it - I'd go out of my mind.

And now that she's notched up another great year

she's a tiny bit older, but there's no need to fear

For she's still that same Joey I met so long ago

Actually... twenty eight years - for those in the know.

So Happy Birthday dear Joey, this poem is for you.

To celebrate half-way to eighty-two

And even though sometimes you give me the sh1ts...

You're still a great wife and I love you to bits!