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Funny Pictures

I often can't help myself and feel the need to "photoshop" (using Corel Photo-Paint!) images that catch my attention.

Adjusted pictures on Pinterest....

I made these ones.

Here's a couple... just because I felt like it.

In case you don't recognize them, they're modified versions of the posters for the films Lock Out and Hamburger Hill.

Some of my older funny images from are on PicasaWeb.(use this link)

I've also got a few other funny pictures around the net.

  • A JibJab Certificate with Kaelan in it - I just wanted to see how it would turn out - not that great really.

Other Modifications

This one isn't political because I don't really care much for politics but there was a photo that just looked too good not to make very slight modification to.

and of course, there's my Bill Gates poster.

Funny Videos

These are from JibJab and I made them by sticking my family's heads on the bodies JibJab provides;