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The Television Generation

I'm from the first generation of children who grew up with a television ALWAYS being in the house. It wasn't always colour, in fact, we didn't have a colour TV until I was about thirteen but we always had a TV. In the old days, we could only watch what was on -- and we'd often have to fight for the right to do that. I got a small B/W TV for my bedroom when I was about 16 but we didn't get video until I was 18 and even then video was only for films, not TV shows.

I feel like it's only now, with the competition from Netflix that Television has really come into its own and the production values rival films. Even so, classic TV still holds a lot of appeal.

My favourite TV show of all time is Doctor Who. That's a non-negotiable fact. It's been that way for 44 years, so it's not going to change now.

As for everything else, as usual, I'm overthinking things and I've broken my lists of TV up into several groups;

The List Categories