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My Top Picks

  • Oz the Great and Powerful: Simply Beautiful to watch.
  • Day of the Doctor: Not perfect but certainly a film which makes good use of 3D. It certainly has its moments.(and I'm biased).
  • Star Trek into Darkness: Some of the best 3D I've seen in a long time, probably since Avatar (though admittedly I don't make a habit of choosing 3D when I got to the movies). Action packed and passable story.
  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The: This series keeps getting better. On most other years, this would be at the number one spot but lately movies have been getting better.
  • World War Z: Didn't expect much, especially not in 3D but it was a very good film which proves that you don't need to be gutsy to be scary.
  • Kick Ass 2: While not as awesome as its predecessor, Kick Ass 2 was still an awesome and very funny film.
  • Dark Skies: Very impressive UFO Horror. Some genuinely scary moments and a great immersive soundtrack.
  • Frozen: One of the best Disney animations in a long, long time.
  • The Hobbit (2): The Desolation of Smaug: Everything that the first one should have been though still a bit too long.
  • Identity Thief: Simply one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long, long time. Great, like a sort of female version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
  • Iron Man 3: This was a lot better than it had any right to be.
  • Olympus has Fallen: One of two movies this year about the White House being invaded. It was surprisingly good, probably what Die Hard 5 should have been.
  • Conjuring, The: First time in years that I've had goose bumps for half of a movie. The second half was a lot tamer though.
  • Gravity: Yes, I know this probably should have been number one but personally, I got a bit bored with all the drifting stuff in the middle - and also Mr Clooney's endless chatter in the beginning. I know it was all "scientifically accurate" but I think accuracy in fantasy worlds is an overrated concept. The 3D was very good (I think) but because we never really had a lack of depth in any shots, you tended to forget about it and lose appreciation for it as the film wore on.
  • Escape Plan: A return to form for Arnie, plus the quote; "You hit like a vegetarian!"

Notable Mentions ("Surprise" Films)

  • Oz the Great and Powerful: I wouldn't have seen this at all it it weren't for unusual circumstances. I'm glad I did though. It was very good.
  • Mama: Expecting a run of the mill horror - wow, this was different and very good.
  • Warm Bodies: Went into this expecting a run of the mill comedy/zombie flick. Very surprised.
  • Ender's Game: Everything about this was wrong but it turned out to be very good.
  • Internship, The: I didn't even mean to see this film (We were staying elsewhere and couldn't find the TV remote). It was actually quite good, funny in places and not too clich├ęd. A bit like a cross between the office and the IT Crowd but tamer. Probably a bit too tame.
  • Croods, The: This looked cheap and nasty, so I was about to write it off but then I read some good reviews. It turned out to be much better than expected.
  • Pacific Rim: Not a fan of the giant monster or the giant robot genre however this film was pretty good. It showed us what Transformers should have been.
  • We're the Millers: I guess I expected a cheap attempt at ripping off Meet the Parents. But it was nothing like it. More like Vacation. Very funny.
  • Lone Ranger, The: This one was very much on my "don't bother watching" list as I've never liked Lone Ranger or Zorro type movies. I'd also heard that it was really long and that it starred Johnny Depp more or less playing Captain Jack. I like Depp but I was a bit over Captain Jack Sparrow. It took me a couple of years to get around to watching this. I was amazed that it turned out to be pretty good after all.
  • Epic: A surprisingly solid kids entry though perhaps I'm a bit biased because I like pugs.
  • The Purge: Looked like an ordinary run of the mill horror film but has some delicious twists to it. Also, it's perfectly set up for as many sequels as it wants.
  • Monsters University: I wasn't expecting much from this prequel but it turned out to be rather good.
  • Beautiful Creatures: For what was essentially a "twilight-knockoff" it was pretty good.
  • Phantom: Despite an ending that was a bit too... x-files, this was a pretty good film.
  • Jurassic Park 3D: Ok, technically not a new film but wow what a big difference 3D makes to Jurassic Park.
  • Man of Steel: Much better than expected. Didn't use the 3D as well as it should have though. Also, Lois falls in love with Superman, not Clark Kent.
  • After Earth: This was supposed to be terrible - if the critics are to be believed but it was a nice little sci-fi actioner which worked for me.
  • World's End, The: A very funny film with a great ending.
  • The Call: For a movie which was low budget and pretty much unadvertised, this wasn't too bad. Sure, there were some amazing co-incidences and some "yeah, sure, right..." moments where the characters did things like found secret trapdoors in the dark when the local police couldn't find them in broad daylight. Overall, it kept me interested.
  • Planes: Sometimes expecting the worst can leave you with a better feeling about an understated film.

The Biggest Disappointments

  • John Dies at the End: Unwatchable. I had to give up.
  • Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The: I don't know why I couldn't get into this, maybe it was bad timing, maybe it was because I've not read the book or maybe it was just not a great film.
  • Elysium: Great start but then it became dull, dull, dull. I kept falling asleep and waking up to see Matt Damon punching someone.
  • Snitch: If you're looking for a general actioner, this isn't it. Mediocre at best. In fact, one week after seeing it, I can't remember anything about it.
  • The Last Stand: I so desperately wanted Arnie to come back to the cinema but this... oh, this is just so bad.
  • Walking with Dinosaurs 3D: This would have been fine if they hadn't mucked about with the format. Nobody wanted to hear kids voices overdubbed on non-functional dinosaur mouths.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: After the first one was so unexpectedly good, I got my hopes up.
  • Evil Dead: It should have been pretty easy to make a decent remake of this, after all, wasn't Evil Dead 2 a remake of Evil Dead 1? In any case, this is terrible.
  • Oblivion: Tom Cruise, Sci-Fi, Yep. It should be good - but it wasn't.
  • Riddick: We waited so long for the next Riddick film but it wasn't really worth the wait. Much better than the second one but nowhere near as good as the first.
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: After the unexpectedly good first one, I was looking forward to this but it was awful. Boring and full of characters you don't care about. Harry Potter it ain't.
  • Jack Reacher: Started off very good but got tired and boring as it went on.

All the films I've seen at the Cinemas in 2013

  1. Oz the Great and Powerful
  2. A Good Day to Die Hard
  3. Iron Man 3
  4. Snitch
  5. World War Z
  6. Gravity
  7. Thor: The Dark World
  8. Captain Phillips
  9. Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor
  10. Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The
  11. Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The

Films from 2013 I've seen on the "small screen"

  1. About Time
  2. After Earth
  3. Beautiful Creatures
  4. Big Wedding, The
  5. Call, The
  6. Carrie
  7. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
  8. Conjuring, The
  9. Croods, The
  10. Dark Skies
  11. Despicable Me 2
  12. Elysium
  13. Ender's Game
  14. Epic
  15. Escape from Planet Earth
  16. Escape Plan (aka The Tomb)
  17. Evil Dead
  18. Frozen
  19. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  20. Great Gatsby, The
  21. Grown Ups 2
  22. Hangover Part III, The
  23. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
  24. Haunted House, A
  25. Heat, The
  26. Identity Thief
  27. Insidious Chapter 2
  28. Jack the Giant Slayer
  29. John Dies at the End
  30. Last Exorcism 2, The
  31. Last Stand, The
  32. Little Mermaid 3D, The
  33. Lone Ranger, The
  34. Mama
  35. Man of Steel
  36. Monsters University
  37. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The
  38. Oblivion
  39. Olympus Has Fallen
  40. Pacific Rim
  41. Parker
  42. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  43. Place Beyond the Pines, The
  44. Planes
  45. Phantom
  46. Prisoners
  47. Purge, The
  48. R.I.P.D.
  49. RED 2
  50. Riddick
  51. Runner Runner
  52. Seventh Son, The
  53. Side Effects
  54. Smurfs 2, The
  55. Turbo
  56. Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
  57. Warm Bodies
  58. We're the Millers
  59. White House Down
  60. Wolverine, The

What's Left to See from 2013

The boldfaced titles are the ones I'm most interested in;

Those with an asterisk * are ones I've acquired but not watched yet.

  1. 2 Guns*
  2. 21 and Over
  3. 42
  4. Admission*
  5. Anchorman: The Legend Continues
  6. Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner
  7. Battle of the Year
  8. Black Rock*
  9. Broken City
  10. Bullet to the Head
  11. Closed Circuit
  12. Dark Truth, A
  13. Dead Man Down*
  14. Delivery Man, The*
  15. Disconnect
  16. Fast and Furious 6*
  17. Gangster Squad
  18. Getaway
  19. Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, A
  20. Haunts
  21. Host, The
  22. Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The
  23. Last Vegas
  24. Madea Christmas, A
  25. Malavita
  26. Movie 43
  27. Much Ado About Nothing
  28. Now You See Me
  29. Oldboy
  30. One Direction Concert Movie 3D
  31. Pain & Gain*
  32. Paranoia
  33. Rush
  34. Safe Haven
  35. Satanic
  36. Saving Mr. Banks*
  37. Stand Up Guys
  38. Stoker
  39. Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor
  40. Texas Chainsaw 3D*
  41. To Do List, The
  42. Upstream Color*
  43. We the Peeples
  44. You're Next