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I've always had a love of movies, stretching back from my childhood days. I even wrote a letter to Bill Collins, the movie announcer on TV, asking how I could get a job like his. I'm not sure he took me seriously since he never wrote back. In my senior school years, I used to visit the newly opened "first of its kind" video store which opened near my home. I'm sure that I really got on the nerves of the owner by taking lots of catalogues. I would pour over the reviews and then cut them up and stick them into collages. I was also fascinated by the title fonts and spent hours trying to recreate them. Actually getting hold of movies to watch was difficult back in those days -- and no, we didn't own a video player when I was doing all that.

Lots of Lists

If you've spent any time on this site, you'll probably realise that I'm a little obsessed with making lists. I've broken down my lists of films into a few different categories;

  • Lists of Films by Year: This is the most comprehensive set of lists
  • Lists of Films by Genre: These lists are "best of's" I couldn't possibly list everything in genre.
  • Foreign Films: These lists are for people who want a bit of a different flavour in their cinema. They're probably more comprehensive than similar lists you'll find elsewhere.
  • Television Shows: Just a list of TV Shows that I like, by Genre.
  • Stars and Crew: Actors, Actresses, Directors, Writers and Musicians I like.