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Doctor Who Wallpaper Gallery

I started out by scanning the covers of all of my novelizations and converting them to wallpaper. I first started scanning with a hand scanner under Windows /286 (yes, really)  and then upgraded to a flatbed scanner.  I moved onto VHS Video covers, then DVD Covers and then somewhere along the line I became a wallpaper omnivore collecting, scanning, adjusting etc everything - and sorting it all into strict galleries.  Today I have one of the largest Doctor Who wallpaper galleries in existence.

Note: I'll happily take credit for hours of work scanning, adjusting and sorting/renaming things but I can't take credit for most of the pictures - they belong to the BBC and to other individuals who have drawn or created them.  I haven't asked for permission and I don't get anything for storing them but please feel free to browse and download whatever you want.

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My Creations

I've made a whole lot of Doctor Who themed things over the years and most aren't really good enough to provide online.  
I'll add a few of the best here.

Gavin's Doctor Who Creations

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