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Discovering Steve Alten

Steve Alten is a recent discovery based on an "impulse buy" of Meg because it had a picture of a giant shark on it - and I'm partial to giant sharks. I guess I was just expecting a typical shark-munching-people book but Meg was good because it was sort of half Michael Crichton and half Peter Benchley. For years I was following the gossip about a film but nothing seemed to eventuate. Imagine my surprise when one hit the shelves about a decade later. Better late than never.

Steve's sequels to Meg are also great but sadly I didn't really get into his non-shark books. Eventually I'll get back around to them.

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Selected Bibliography (The ones I've read in Preference Order)

  1. Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror
  2. Hell's Aquarium
  3. The Trench
  4. Primal Waters
  5. Domain