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Rats and Haunted Houses

Discovering James Herbert

James Herbert was the first crutch I found when I exhausted the supply of Stephen King books back in my schooldays. At the time, he seemed to have more books in print than King and he also had some really nice lettering on his books. The books were either white or black with both gold and silver lettering - it was pretty cool at the time.

James was not as prolific as Stephen King or Graham Masterton but he was certainly more "British". At first his stories were very gutsy but as he got older, he started to segue into ghost stories. I had just finished "Nobody True" and was eagerly awaiting a sequel when I learned of his passing.

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Selected Bibliography (Just the ones I've read)

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  • The Dark
  • The Jonah
  • Shrine
  • Domain
  • Moon
  • The Magic Cottage
  • Sepulchre
  • Haunted
  • Creed
  • Portent
  • The Ghosts of Sleath
  • '48
  • Others
  • Once...
  • Nobody True
  • Secret of Crickley Hall