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A New Way to Read

I've only recently gotten into comics, in fact only since I decided that books needed to be read as ebooks (and put a ban on myself buying any more books). Unfortunately I flaunt the ban by telling myself that comics are different. Anyway, here's a list of the BEST comics that I've read.

Finite Series

I prefer to read a finite series because then I know that the story I'm reading has an ending.

  • Maus: This took me totally by surprise and was one of the first non-film comics I ever read. I'm not quite sure what I expected but it certainly wasn't this serious, yet comic and real depiction of the holocaust and the survivors. Wow.
  • Persepolis: A scary comic which gave me a lot of insight into how other people live.
  • From Hell: This was so much better than the film.
  • Stephen King's The Stand: I'm presuming this is finite even though it hasn't ended yet. This is amazingly close to the book.

Infinite Series

I'm less thrilled by infinite series because they never actually have an ending. Ideally this means that they become formulaic, but as the Walking Dead proves time and time again, this doesn't have to be the case.

  • The Walking Dead: So far, I've read the first hundred comics and this series shows no sign of slowing down. It's simply the best and most consistent continuing series that I've read (so far).
  • Battle Pope: Although this ended, I'm inclined to call it an "infinite series" because the author apparently wants to bring Battle Pope back again. Funny and irreverent with some amazing insights into the character of Jesus and how he could appear in today's world.
  • Batman: Batman has a long history in comics, most of which I'm completely oblivious to but occasionally one rises above the rest and gets my attention.
    • Arkham Asylum - Scary and Psychological a new side to batman.
    • Hush
    • Year One