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The Necroscope Series and Beyond

Discovering Brian Lumley

After years of reading horror, Brian Lumley was the first author since Stephen King's Pet Sematary (and the first as an adult) to make me feel ill while reading a horror novel. I felt so disgusted that I said to myself - I'll give this book 20 more pages to improve.

It did improve and became my favourite novel of all time (so far). A position it has enjoyed for more than 15 years on my list.

Some good Brian Lumley related sites

The Top Three

  1. Necroscope Series (Esp 1,3 & 5)
  2. Khai of Khem
  3. Psychomech 1-3

Bibliography (the ones I've read anyway)

  • The House of Doors
  • The House of Doors: Second Visit
  • Psychomech
  • Psychosphere
  • Psychamok
  • Necroscope
  • Necroscope II : Vamphyri!
  • Necroscope III : The Source
  • Necroscope IV : Deadspeak
  • Necroscope V : Deadspawn
  • Vampire World I : Blood Brothers
  • Vampire World II : The Last Aerie
  • Vampire World III : Bloodwars
  • Necroscope : The Lost Years
  • Necroscope : Resurgence The Lost Years : Volume II
  • E-Branch: Invaders
  • E-Branch: Defilers
  • E-Branch: Avengers
  • The Burrowers Beneath
  • The Transition of Titus Crow
  • The Clock of Dreams
  • Spawn of the Winds
  • In the Moons of Borea
  • Elysia
  • Khai of Ancient Khem
  • Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi
  • Dagon's Bell and Other Discords