William Brown Plunkett
Treasurer of Greylock Mills

William Brown Plunkett was born in Adams, Massachusetts on April 2, 1850. He was the son of William C. and Louisa B. Plunkett. W.B. Plunkett was highly educated by the schools of his hometown, as well as at Munro Collegiate Institute at Elbridge, New York. After much educated, he entered into the firm of Plunkett & Wheeler, cotton manufacturers. He later became apart of another cotton manufacture firm under the name of W.C. Plunkett & Sons. This cottom manufacture was known as the Greylock Mills. By 1879, W.B. Plunkett had become manager and treasurer of the Greylock Mills. This raise was given to him mainly because of his manufacture of the ginghams in the mill.  Plunkett also helped the mill increase their number of looms. The Greylock Mills went from two hundred looms in 1880, to six hundred looms in 1882. Soon after, Plunkett went on to help other mills around the area of North Adams.



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