Gautam is a platform evangelist based out of Bangalore, India, helping organizations leverage social networks to engage with talent.

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Business Blogging in India

India is now a competitor in the Global Talent Market. It is now a source and a destination (talent comes from India and goes to India) when for years it was just a supply point. Ghosh's blog is an extraordinary window on that process. It's also an extraordinary window on the mind of the archetype of a great HR Manager.

- John Sumser, Interbiznet

 About Me

Hi, my name is Gautam Ghosh and I am the India Marketing Lead at BraveNewTalent and am based out of Bangalore, India. 

Earlier I was a Consultant at 2020 Social India's first social business strategy firm. 

I have been a freelance OD and HR consultant. first thoughts about what we wanted to do .

My experience in the corporate world was as a HR Manager at Deloitte & Touche, and in organizations like Dell, Hewlett Packard and Satyam Computer Services. Work primarily has been in the learning and employee relations domain.

I am an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur, from which I did thePersonnel Management & Industrial Relations Post Graduate course in 1999.

My interests

Apart from blogging (which has had a lot of high points for me!), I manage various egroups on the web, some of which are focussed on Human Resources and Knowledge Management, and Innovation.

I'm really passionate about helping fellow HR professionals increase their levels of competence. The belief is that we can be of immense value to organizations, if we evolve into business advisors. If you'd like to connect with me send me an email at gautam @ or call me at 9866511236 and we can bounce off some ideas.

Subjects I follow

My areas of interests are Management & Leadership Development, Organizational Learning , Knowledge management, Organizational development, Human Resource Development, Communities of Practice, Cross-Cultural Working, Talent Management and Learning Organizations.

I also believe that our world of work is changing slowly and surely and the skills that helped us be successful in the past will no longer be that helpful in the future.

You can find some of my selected thoughts on the topics that interest me on the left hand column. Would love to get your feedback on them.

Daughter Saachi with Joel, a friend

Professional Profile


Recognition for blogging:
Some achievements :

  • Published an article on “Leadership Development” in the February 2006 issue of “Effective Executive” published by the ICFAI University Press.
  • Published an article on “Talent Acquisition using the internet” in the February 2006 issue of “Consultants News” in the US.
  • Article in the HRD Newsletter on Virtual Communities, 2000. 
  • A Case Study analysis in the HR magazine “Human Capital”, January 2006. 
  • Published HR related articles online at and 
  • The blog has also been featured in the book Business Blogs: A Practical Guide written by ex-Accenture, USA KM Practice Leader, William Ives and Amanda Watlington 
  • Won the 3rd prize in the Young HR Managers Conference for a paper written on 'The HR and IT partnership at Satyam' as part of the National HRD Network's Conference in New Delhi, 1999 
  • Case Study Analysis for BusinessWorld magazine on marketing through blogging, March 2007.
  • 5 Steps to Building an Employer Brand
  • Guest Column on Social Media and HR in People Matters, Dec, 2010
  • BlogAdda interview
  • Lionsher interview
  • CTO Forum interview