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Nitin Gaur, is currently working in capacity of WebSphere Consulting IT Specialist with IBMs TechWorks Organization, an S&D entity. Prior to teaming with TechWorks organization, Nitin spent several  years with WebSphere OEM team, a SWG entity and AIX support – ITS/IGS entity. In his 10 years with IBM he has achieved various industry recognized certifications and enriched his career by doing more than required by the defined job responsibilities. Prior to beginning his career with IBM, he was graduate student at University of Maryland University College.  Apart from excelling in his normal job responsibilities, Nitin has been involved with many on going projects at IBM Austin. To name a few, Nitin has been an active member of Austin TVC – Technical Vitality Council, an IBM Academy affiliate since 2002.

            As a technical leader Nitin has been involved in various technical paper presentations in various conferences at IBM and outside. The range of the topics presented by him span from software architectures to improvement of management processes. Nitin, has been focused on staying close to customer and always attuned to their needs and problems. One of his primary job responsibilities includes positioning WebSphere infrastructure products and providing technical solution and support to field sales teams. He is relentless in researching skills and presenting the industry best practices of IT Infrastructure.  Performing advance technical research and providing IBM clients with strategic solutions on Websphere offering is one his forte.

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WVE - WebSphere Virtual Enterprise (Formerly XD)

WXS - WebSphere Extreme Scale

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