Spell Checker

Check the website for spelling mistakes? Welcome to SpellChecker

SpellChecker is an extension of the firefox which checks the current website for spelling mistakes and highlights the errors.

There are many sites available which checks the web page for spelling mistakes and reports the errors. But for all you need to have your site live. But what if the site is under construction and you need to test it for the spelling mistakes. yeah you can copy whole text and paste in the MS word to check the spelling mistakes, but that's a tedious task to do. At this time this firefox add-on (extension) will help you.

SpellChecker will add the small Icon in the status bar of the Firefox and a context menu. To check the website just click on the icon or the context menu and it will highlight all the errors on the page.

For the websites that contains multiple frames or iframes you need to select the frame first to check the spelling mistakes under frame.

SpellChecker also provides facility to find the spelling mistakes in other languages too, however you need to install the dictionaries of that particular language. once you have installed the dictionaries, Preference window will automatically detect it and will show you in the drop down box. Now you just need to select the language you want to use spell checker for.

Download SpellChecker.

Download other dictionaries