About Us

Gauge Scientific is a privately held company with principal offices in Redwood City, California. The company was formed in 2009 to apply its medical diagnostic technologies in the agricultural and environmental fields. The company offers design, development and manufacturing services to leading organizations that can productize the company's unique low-cost, high precision substance detection technology. 

Dan Morrow, President and CEO 

Dan Morrow manages daily operations and oversees development and join ventures for Gauge Scientific. Before joining the company, he led multiple companies through the commercial development, product launch and acquisition stages in the biotechnology and medical device industries. 

Prior to Gauge Sci, Mr. Morrow served as CEO, of Pria Diagnostics, a Point of Care medical diagnostic company based in Menlo Park, California. He guided the transformation of the company from the R&D stage to commercial launch of a male fertility test kit in Japan. Before joining Pria, Mr. Morrow served as Vice president of Operations at Aclara Biosciences in Mountain View, California. There, he built the infrastructure to allow the company to transition from R&D to product commercialization – launching the first injection molded lab on chip devices. 

Prior to joining Aclara, Mr. Morrow held management positions at Beckman Coulter in Palo Alto, Genomyx Corp. in San Mateo and Raychem Corporation in Redwood City, California. Mr. Morrow holds four U.S. patents (three pending) and degrees from UC Berkeley (Materials Science and Engineering) and California State University, Long Beach (Oceanographic Engineering). 

Robert Buck, CSO 

Robert Buck has spent more than 24 years at the Director or Vice-Presidential level in the medical diagnostic industry. Prior to that, he spent 12 years as an instructor/researcher in biochemistry at UC Davis, UCLA, and Oklahoma State University. Dr. Buck has significant experience in product development planning, grant submissions, IRQ submissions, patent submissions and prosecutions, and biosafety programs. He holds seven U.S. patents (with 5 more pending) and has participated in the development and FDA clearance of over 40 commercial diagnostic products. 

For Gauge Scientific, Dr. Buck provides particular expertise in the areas of lateral flow test development, therapeutic drug analysis, and the development of assays. He has chief responsibility for the design, development and testing of the company's immunoassays and oversees a team of technicians in the company's Portland lab facilities. 

Prior to joining Gauge Scientific, Dr. Buck served as Director R&D at Oxis International, Director of R&D for AmFam Medical and Director of Operations; all located in Portland, Oregon, where he developed oxidative stress assays and managed a staff of 3-4 technicians. 

Before Oxis, Dr. Buck consulted on biotechnology matters where he specialized in lateral flow, EIA and FPIA technologies for medical diagnostics. Dr. Buck also served 25 years in the U.S. Army Reserve and holds a B.S. from UCLA and a Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University in Biochemistry. 

Lou Dietz, VP Engineering 

Lou Dietz has 20 years of experience developing successful products for the medical diagnostic, bioanalytical research, and radio communications markets. He has authored or co-authored federal grants with awards totaling $13 million and holds 15 U.S. patents covering optical instrumentation, nanoparticle manufacturing techniques, and electronic circuitry for communications systems. 

Mr. Dietz has extensive experience in imaging systems, optical detection, and microfluidics for life science applications. At Gauge Scientific, Mr. Dietz has been largely responsible for the optical and system architecture of Gauge’s portable instrumentation. 

Before working for Gauge Scientific, Mr. Dietz served as Vice President of Engineering at Cellpoint Diagnostics in Mountain View, California, where he led a team developing a microfluidic device and instrumentation for analyzing circulating tumor cells in blood samples. Before that, Mr. Dietz was Director of Engineering at Nanoplex Technologies in Mountain View, California. There he managed a team of 11 scientists and engineers developing automated manufacturing and commercial applications of NanoBarcodesTM particles. 

Prior to joining Nanoplex, Mr. Dietz served as Director of Engineering at Surromed, Inc. in Palo Alto, California. At Surromed he led nanoparticle synthesis and developed innovative instrumentation and microscopy systems for high sensitivity fluorescence imaging. Mr. Dietz received both a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. 

Rick Alber, VP Business Development 

Rick Alber oversees business development operations for Gauge Scientific. Prior to joining the company in 2010, Rick practiced law in San Francisco and then enjoyed entrepreneurial and management work for a series of Silicon Valley tech companies. 

Highlights include founding K/A Partners, an IT development consultancy in San Francisco, in-house counsel and product management positions for Borland Software, eGroups, BuildPoint.com, SportsTrac (Los Angeles county), Slate Corporation, and Ansa Software. 

Rick holds a J.D. degree from Stanford University and a B.S. from the University of Southern California.