Support the Band

"I am a huge fan of the Gaucho Pep Band! How can I support the Band?"

Great Question and thank you for being a fan! There are many ways you can help us out in our mission to share pep and good spirits with our community, keep on reading to learn more...

Our members feel very appreciated when people come up and talk to us during events! We love to hear that our music is making people happy :)

We are a completely student-run club and fund most things ourselves. We have purchased all of our percussion equipment, instruments, repairs, music stands, printing for music, binders, posters, and more. 

It is not cheap to play an instrument, but we want to make sure that any student is able to join regardless of their financial situation. Many students do not own their own instruments so we try to purchase club instruments so that more people can participate. Other students' personal instruments get worn down from frequent use and often need repairs, and we would like to be able to subsidize these repairs for students who may not be able to afford it.

You can donate by clicking the PayPal button here!

We love to share what we are up to, help us reach more people by liking and sharing our posts 💛💙

It feels great when we see people recording us when we are playing at community events, but we often never get a chance to see the videos. If you tag @gauchopepband on your Instagram story or Facebook post, it allows more people to discover our band and lets us watch the performance. We also like to archive our photos and videos in our google drive for personal memories so please send any great shots you took to .