Most studies of American literature include a reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  Famous for its portrayal of the decay of the American Dream in the 1920s, Gatsby has become a touchstone of the study of American literature.  Students can use this website to enrich their study of Fitzgerald's masterpiece.

Countless books and websites have been published about The Great Gatsby and its various adaptions.  When embarking on a study of the novel, it may be difficult for students to determine which of these resources are best suited to their needs.  While teaching Gatsby to her English 11 class, teacher Amy Pfanschmidt realized that her students needed a comprehensive guide to quality resources to help them understand the historical context, symbols, and themes of the novel.  Pfanschmidt is pursuing her masters degree in Library and Information Science through Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis and developed this site in conjunction with coursework focusing on Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults.

The resources included on this site are designed to be helpful to any student embarking upon a study of The Great Gatsby.  Teachers might chose to use links from this page to guide class exploration of Gatsby, but its primary focus is on enabling students to explore the various aspects of Gatsby to enrich their own understanding.
All materials provided here have been reviewed by Pfanschmidt.  Many have been used in her previous lesson plans for American Literature; others will be included in future lessons.  All materials have been located through searches of academic sites and databases.

You can find a free electronic copy of The Great Gatsby here.

All images used on this site are part of the public domain.