Genetically Modified Organisms 









Vandana Shiva: "The very unethical imposition of patents on life, which is to treat life as an invention of man, ... [means] the heart and soul of India is under assault."

She is the founder of Navdanya, an organic farm in India and can be seen and heard in Part 3 of Unnatural Selection starting around 5 mins. 

Globalisation is war by other means. Video of a speech  she gave in Northampton, Mass. in 2003. Total length: 55mins was available when I wrote this page.

Unfortunately this video is not available any more at DemocracyNow (the original link). It might be found at other internet sites and is well worth watching


Vandana Shiva's homepage at ZNet can be found here



A video about genetically modified organisms and organic farming (total length 35 mins):

Unnatural Selection Part 1

Unnatural Selection Part 2

Unnatural Selection Part3

Unnatural Selection Part 4