Stephen Lewis

UN AIDS envoy to Africa



Why a section devoted to Stephen Lewis? 

Bill Clinton called him the conscience of the movement on HIV/AIDS and I admire him.

Stephen Lewis on AIDS and Gender Equality
1:37 mins

Stephen Lewis on Food and Nutrition
5:34 mins

Stephen Lewis: "If I can be personal for a moment ..." (Dying in Africa)
38 secs

Stephen Lewis with some self-deprecating humour. ("I never managed to acquire a degree")
2:30 secs

Stephen Lewis and his final address as UN AIDS envoy to Africa about the false promises at the G8 summit at Gleneagles and much more at the International Conference on AIDS, Toronto, August, 2006. He did not mince any words!
7:35 mins

Stephen Lewis about the pharmaceutical companies and the fight for affordable medicines for HIV/AIDS patients. He also blasted the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for taking sides with Big Pharma against the government of Thailand's effort to provide low cost generic drugs - which is perfectly legal under WTO rules - for people with HIV/AIDS..
8:41 mins

Stephen Lewis lecture

5:12 mins