Interactive Simulation and Modeling of Dynamic Systems and Neural Networks

Open Desire

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Desire: free Open-source Interactive Modeling/Simulation for Linux and Windows

****>   latest updated version released 4/26/2012  <****
-   fast averaging , new display Y command fo extra-large dots, simplifid default colors!

An industrial-strength simulation package, double-precision floating-point, up to 40,000 differential equations in scalar and/or vector form, 13 integration rules, complex frequency-response and root-locus plots, FFT.
Handles difference equations and neural networks. For all Windows versions, Linux, and Cygwin.

The new Windows program (for all Windows versions) is a 32-bit program with new color graphics. The new  64-bit Linux versions are especially fast  and, like the Windows version, have a new, extra-convenient user interface.

NOTE: The Desire distribution no longer contains a 32-bit Linux executable. To create one, simply use /xtry32/make on your 32-bit system. To compile 32-bit code on a 64-bit Linux system you must use compiler and linker command strings using -m32 explicitly.

Although Desire incorporates a powerful runtime compiler,simply unzipping a single file immediately installs a complete modeling/simulation package and over 150 user-program examples. We NEVER use the (expletive deleted) Windows registry! Uninstall by simply erasing a folder.


G.A. Korn: Advanced Dynamic-system Simulation, Revised 2nd Edition,Wiley, 2013

G.A. Korn : Interactive Dynamic-system Simulation, Revised 2nd Edition, Taylor&Francis/CRC, 2010

                                         (see e.g amazon.com)

We suggest that you replace the Desire programs on the book CDs with the free updated versions on this web page.



                                           mydesire.zip          and           desire.tgz

contain the complete programs and examples. Click on the attachments to download them!.  Desire is a free open-source program; there is NO CHARGE.

    NOTE: mydesire.zip was created with Windows 7.  The older version (on book CD) was created with WINRAR.

    You ought to look at the Desire Reference Manual. That you must request from gatmkorn@aol.com. The manual will be sent, also free of charge, by return email. You can also order a complete CD including source code for Windows and Linux, over 150 examples, the complete reference manual, and report reprints for $15 (US and Canada) or $27.50 (elsewhere) from gatmkorn@aol.com.

****>   We are very much interested in your impression of Desire.!What are you trying to model or simulate? We will also try to assist youas much as time allows. Email us at gatmkorn@aol.com.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   OTHER ATTACHMENTS

  • Scotland_08.doc is an illustrated slide lecture describing the Open Desire program.
  • mydesire.zip and desire.tgz contain the complete program packes for Windows and Linux, plus over 150 examples.
  • image1.gif and i2eds.gif are screenshots showing Desire graphics and multiple Editor Windows.
  • abstrct.doc is a set of publication abstracts; you can request the full papers.
  • TofC.doc shows the contents of our 2007 Wiley text about Desire
  •  tofc-crc.doc shows the contents of our 2010  CRC/Taylor&Francis textbook about Desire
  • biopic.doc is a biography of Professor G.A. Korn.

     Desire with 3 Editor Windows. Edit and run one of several user programs for comparison.  

Screenshot of a Desire simulation of the EUROSIM Test Problem No. 1
showing Desire Graph Window, Filemanager, Editor Window, and Command Window.

Screenshot of a Desire simulation of the EUROSIM Test Problem No. 1 showing Desire Graph Window, File Manager, two Editor Windows, and Command Window.

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