Yard Sale


At Gathering of the Clans event, we will have an SCA "yard sale" fund raiser. If you have unwanted items that you know someone else would put to good use, please consider donating them. Items can include but are not limited to: garb, fabric, feast gear, lanterns, etc. These items will be "sold" from the donations by those gentles who wish "purchase" them. This is by no means merchanting, just a fund raiser.

Please drop off your items to me before or at the event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me off list.

Thank you,
Mistress Catherine Abernethy

The fund raiser is for the general Funds for the Barony of Darkwater as our coffers are low and we have had a trying financial year. Please  participate on both ends.

Thanks and in Service,
Lord Taran Saraev
Autocrat, Exchequer