Special Project Display Restrictions to Note: 

(1) Liquids from the experiments, except for plain uncolored water, may not be brought to the fair. Acidic substances, like vinegar, will not be allowed because of the risk of permanent damage to the marble floors in the display area. Similarly, dyes, including food dyes, are not permitted because of the risk of permanently staining the floor. Please encourage the students to display photos instead. 

(2) Electrical outlets will not be available for use in the display area.

(3) Glass, ceramic or other breakable containers may not be brought to the fair.

Regional Fairs Note: Those planning to attend either the Rochester Regional Fair or the Southern Minnesota Regional Fair (at Minnesota State University, Mankato) should be aware that both fairs require approval forms that must be completed BEFORE experimentation. Please see the notes on the Regional Fairs page.

Rules Questions