Financial Aid

The costs of preparing a science fair project for the GATEway Science Fair can be prohibitive for some family budgets. We are delighted to announce there is now some help with those costs. Limited grant funds are available for students who might not otherwise be able to afford experiment materials and project display boards. This is in addition to any scholarship a student might receive directly from Community Education to offset the entrance fee. 

The grant request should contain a one or two sentence description of the project, materials needed, and an estimate of the funds required. Grant approval will be based on the application, a short consultation with the student’s teacher, and the discretion of the GATEway Science Fair planning team.  Grants will be given on a first come/first serve basis while funds last. Funds may be requested to be used for any expense related to preparing a project and display board for participation in the GATEway Science Fair. 

Grant applications are due by Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

If requested grant funds are approved, please note that the student must be registered for the GATEway Science Fair before a check will be sent.  Students and families who receive grant funds must commit to attending the event with their project.

To submit a student grant application, print the form found on our website and follow the submission instructions on the form.  Completed forms can either be returned by postal mail or by email. If you have questions about the student grant process, please email them to 

Click here for Student Grant Application Form.