1. Can I do a team project with my friends? How many people can be on a team?

Yes, you can do a team project with your friends or your siblings. We do not set a limit on the number of people on a team, but teams of 2 or 3 people are usually good. Every person on the team must fill out a registration form and pay a registration fee in order to participate in the fair. There is a spot on the form for listing your teammates names. 

2. Are there any ribbons or prizes?

No, but students will receive written feedback from their reviewers telling them what they did well and how they might improve next year. This science fair is non-competitive so that science fair beginners as well as science fair pros can all enjoy the fair and learn how to make their projects even better. Students looking for the challenge of a competitive fair should considering entering one of the two regional fairs where ribbons and prizes are awarded. A student can use the same project for both the GATEway Fair and a regional fair.

3. Why is the check-in time so long? Do we have to be at the fair at exactly 12:30 PM?

The check-in time is 45 minutes long so that we can be sure that everyone is set up and ready when the first review session starts. You do not need to arrive at exactly 12:30 PM, but be aware that the 1st Review Session and the 1st Science Museum Presentation start promptly at 1:30 PM. We will provide some pencil and paper puzzles to help pass the time. Another excellent idea may be to use that time to look at other students' projects. There are also snacks for sale in the Patient Cafeteria.  

4. Can my family come, too?

Yes. Family members are welcome to attend for free. We do ask that your family keep to the seating at the sides of the project display area or sit in the Patient Cafeteria during the review sessions. Also, family members are welcome to attend the Science Museum presentation as space allows. The students entered in the fair have first priority in the auditorium. 

5. It's really close to the deadline. I am worried my registration won't make it in time. What should I do?

Our registration deadline is a postmark deadline. If the registration is mailed by the deadline date, it will be considered on time. Last minute registrations can also be done over the internet at the Community Education website. See our Registration page for the link.

6. I missed the deadline. Is it really too late?

Probably not. We continue to accept registrations as long as we have openings. We don't guarantee a t-shirt after the registration deadline, but we usually order a few extra and usually have enough for everyone. The earlier you register after the deadline, the more likely you will be to receive one of the extra shirts. We do not re-order.

Other Questions? Email gatewaysciencefair@gmail.com or call Dee Voldal at 507-722-2820.