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Preaching & Teaching Ministry

Our pastor, Ryan McDougald, was born and raised here in Blountstown, Florida. He has lived here most of his life. Ryan accepted Christ at the age of 11 and rededicated his life to Christ after graduating from Blountstown High School at the age of 19. He answered the call to preach in 1992. He moved to Nashville, TN to attend Welch College in 1993. At Welch College, he earned his BA in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Training. Ryan later earned his MA in Christian Studies from the Baptist College of Florida.

Ryan was married to Marie Joann West on August 17, 1995 while they were attending Welch College. Marie is a missionary kid who was born in Nashville, TN. Her parents, Robert and Pam West were originally from Smithfield, NC. Her dad, Robert, graduated from Welch College and became a missionary to the Lobi Tribe in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. After spending 14 months learning the French language in Albertville, France, Marie went with her parents to Doropo in the Ivory Coast. Marie spent her teenage years on the mission field with her parents graduating high school from the International Christian Academy in Bouake, Ivory Coast. Marie earned her BA degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Missions from Welch College. Marie has always had a passion for children and has been teaching Sunday School and Children's Church since she was 16 years old. Marie earned her MS in Elementary Education from Florida State University on December, 11, 2010 and has been teaching elementary school for over twelve years. She currently teaches 2nd Grade at Blountstown, Elementary School. Ryan and Marie have two boys, aged 11 and 10.

Realizing that our nation's families have been under attack for the last 50 years in this country, Ryan has a burden to help young families know the Lord in a very real, personal way. He has a desire to help young couples raise Godly children so they can live a successful Christian life. Ryan believes that we can accomplish this by returning to and standing upon unchanging biblical principles while presenting a relevant, timely message to the people in our community. The church should return to hungering and thirsting after the Word of God, worshipping God in Spirit and truth, committing ourselves to being His disciples, and caring for one another.

Please come and join us at Gateway Baptist Church as we worship and grow together in our grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.