Gatalop is an SCA event hosted by the Barony of the Osprey in the Kingdom of Meridies. The dates for 2019 are October 25-27. The event takes place at Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island, Alabama.  Please keep checking this website and our Facebook page for updates! 

Gatalop 36: The Siege of Paris

The year is 845. 120 Danish Viking ships under the command of Ragnar Lodbrok have sailed up the Seine and laid siege to Paris. Charles the Bald faces a terrible decision: engage the invading forces, hunker down and hope they leave, or pay a king’s ransom to bribe them to go away?

The event returns to a standard weekend format this year; site will open at 5:00 pm on Friday and close at 11:00 am on Sunday. A&S faires/classes and martial/war activities are planned for Saturday.

Event Staff

  • Arts & Sciences
    • Athanor Faire: THL Kaleb McCabe and Lady Trienel McCabe von dem Schwarzwald
    • Regional A&S Faire liaison: THL Brighid of Ferncliff - rebecca.hyre@gmail.com
    • Classes: Lord Blindi Thorbjorn
  • Children's Activities: THL Fine Dubh, called Pixie
  • Combat
    • Heavy Combat Marshal: Master Yesugai Naran, called Ucla
    • Rapier Marshal: THL Marquette Hildebrand van Amsterdam
    • Fighter Support coordinator: House Dragon Or (Duchess Rhiannon of the Isle)
  • Revel Coordinator: Lord Drogo inn Keilisegr
  • Breakfasts: Lord Wulfgar of East Anglia
  • Fundraiser lunch (Saturday): House Dragon Or (Duchess Rhiannon of the Isle)
  • Royal luncheon: Baroness Cat Coeur Noir
  • Travelers' fare: TBA