"Changing the way we eat and drink everyday"

Introducing the Gastromatic - a culinary experience like no other in the world - self-serve five diamond cuisine at the touch of a button!  With the world wide success of the Enomatic,** a self-serve wine dispensing machine which uses a debit type card, the time has come to teach wine lovers and culinarians the world over, how to pair wine with food.  The best way to demonstrate wine and food pairing combinations is to taste.  With our new state of the art technology, years of clinical trials and medical/sanitation research, the Gastromatic paves the way for a gastronomic experience normally found in three star Michelin restaurants, Five Diamond AAA restaurants and the best local bistros, right in the space of any retail wine store or restaurant that currently serves below par level food.  We are currently testing this machine in three locations before worldwide launch (see sidebar for trial locations).

The Gastromatic is a new way of thinking and a new approach to wine and food on a whole other level.  Have you ever wondered why Cabernet Sauvignon with red meat such as steak is considered a good food match?  Now at the push of a button you can taste steak and then sample wine along side your food.  Each food station has a choice of sauces and main entree to allow a near infinite number of combinations.  Try your NY strip steak with sauce Bearnaise or a caramelized onion veal stock reduction.  Try it with chimichurri sauce as they do in Argentina or how about a simple salt/pepper/olive oil rub?  We even have temperature controlled desserts to serve ice-cream and other frozen specialties. 
GastromaticThe first machine in the world which can sample salami or prosciutto in a perfect squirt,  sashimi with wasabi in just the push of button, ice-cream with peanut brittle topping from a spout.

The Gastromatic is a brand new and we hope to have a counter top model for the home by 2011*.  Our goal is to teach the world how to pair food and wine and to make the counter top model, the "Lil' Gastro" a kitchen staple along side your mixer, microwave and coffee maker.  It will bring new love to the kitchen setting.



"The Future of Food and Wine... Right Now"
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*note the Gastromatic is not a substitute for proper nutritional meals and sitting around the table as a family.
** Enomatic and Gastromatic have no affiliation.