How To Deal With Hemorrhoids?

You must have often heard people complain as they suffer profuse bleeding with bowel movement. The bleeding is accompanied by severe pain and difficulty with sitting for log. Hemorrhoids commonly known as piles are blood vessels present inside smooth muscular walls of rectum and anus. They are usually located at conjoining points where tiny arteries merge with veins and remain cushioned with connective tissue and smooth muscles. These hemorrhoids are identified according to their position with respect to pectin ate line, which is dividing point lying between upper 2/3rd and the lower 1/3rd of anus.


These usually harmless, hemorrhoids start creating problems only after they begin to swell thus causing itching, pain and bleeding. These hemorrhoids begin to swell when there’s increase in pressure inside small vessels forming the hemorrhoids and cause them to fill with blood. Physicians specializing in Hemorrhoids Boca Raton and Hemorrhoids in Delray Beach have chalked down a couple of reasons that might be responsible for swelling up of the hemorrhoids. This includes diet with low fiber with small caliber stool, which causes the suffering person to place strain during the bowel movement, increasing pressure within blood vessels.

The hemorrhoids may also be damaged during pregnancy enlarged uterus applies increased pressure on anus and rectum. The same can also be caused by prolonged sitting upon toilet, which puts pressure on blood vessels related to hemorrhoid leading to painful Hemorrhoids in Boca Raton. The Hemorrhoids in Delray Beach also shows obesity, diarrhea (Acute as well as chronic), Colon cancer, injury of spinal cord or any kind of previous rectal surgery as possible causes for hemorrhoid rupturing. The most common symptom of all rectal and anal complaints related to hemorrhoids is painless bleeding, anal itching, pain and the formation of a lump at the anus. 

The specialists at Hemorrhoids Delray Beach always start the treatment with a non surgical approach. First of all a physical examination is performed to confirm the findings of the diagnosis. In this exam the anal cavity is checked with a finger for unusual lumps and polyps. This anal examination is terribly uncomfortable. Only after all kinds of conservative therapy have failed or the patient has grade 4 hemorrhoids does the physicist turn to surgery.

There are two different kinds of surgical method are usually followed. The first method uses laser for removing the hemorrhoid. The other option is known as hemorrhoidectomy and involves the use of a scalpel for serving the purpose. Stapled hemorrhoidectomy makes use of a staple gun to remove the hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids indict the formation of a clot within the hemorrhoids and treatment involves cutting the hemorrhoid open and removing the clot thus reducing the swelling.

You need to consult a Gastroenterologist to get the right treatment quickly. Any delay or ignoring these symptoms and ailments can be difficult to heal later on.