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New Member Info

Members are required by strict attendance policy to attend all practices, workouts, and performances unless otherwise excused.

                Practices:          Tuesday      7pm-9pm    
                                           Thursday     7pm-9pm  
                                           Sunday        6pm-9pm 
***For the two weeks leading up to Nationals there will be practices every weekday. The additional practices will only be an hour long, but normal practices will still  be the same length.
                Workouts:          3 must be completed each week, times may vary depending on the dancer's class schedule. 

                Performances: Pep Rallies and Community Events
                                           All home Men's and Women's Basketball games, excluding Winter Break
                                           Nationals Showcase (the day before leaving for Nationals)

Dues and Fundraising:
    It is understood if your fundraising does not cover all expenses and dues, then the remainder shall come out of pocket.