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Improvements, webpage live

posted Mar 7, 2010, 8:13 AM by Josh Peek

I have moved our announcements page into a 'blog' format, making it easier to make new announcements cleanly. Also, I have uploaded the final GASKAP logo, in many different formats, to the webpage (under Documents), and I have made the webpage world-readable. 


First Project Status Update

posted Mar 7, 2010, 8:12 AM by Josh Peek

Project Status -- 6 October 2009 -- John Dickey

GASKAP has been selected as one of the ASKAP survey projects.  Some features have been cut, still in are the first four components on Table 1, page 17 of the proposal.  An organizational meeting with one or two representatives from each approved survey project will be held at ATNF on 21 October.  JD and Naomi MG will attend to represent GASKAP.  We will hold a telecon of the steering committee immediately after (tentatively 23 October).

Josh Peek at Columbia is working with Snezana S at UW.  He has set up these web pages, and he will draw some designs for logos.  He has worked on logos before (e.g. GALFA-HI, and is happy to work with the rest of the team on ideas. The steering committee will discuss and select one.

(update: edited for clarity by Josh Peek)

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