Don’t you think this is another good reason to call for gas chamber?

Don’t you think this is another good reason to call for gas chamber?       

Further to 14 More Reasons In support of Gas Chamber and 15 More Evidence In Support of Gas Chamber please consider the following anomalies.


The Gas Chamber Bound “Jews” wrote “ … Mohammad (may his father’s weenie fell inside his mouth) … “.

To counter him when I wrote, “… (may your father’s weenie fall off inside your mouth) … ” the Yahoo Q and A found my one is offensive but the Zio-Nazi offence is not offensive!

Don’t you think this is another good reason to call for gas chamber?       



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Hello Love GasChamber

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Question: "Holy" Koran, but not Holy Bible or Holy Torah?

Deleted Answer: dunstant... (may your father’s his weenie fall off inside your mouth), No one is asking you to kiss anyone. Just keep your father’s weenie inside your mouth and enjoy it according to your religious beliefs and cultural tradition.

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