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S2704 Fallen Angels

Title: Taggart:
crime/drama/police procedurals
Episode: S2704 Fallen Angels
Episode Number: 107
Airdate AU: unknown
Original airdate UK: Tuesday, 1 February 2011
Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: STV
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Cast:D.C.I. Matt Burke is played by Alex Norton, D.S. Jackie Reid by Blythe Duff, D.I. Robbie Ross by John Michie, Duncan Clark by Davood Ghadmi and Louise Ferguson by Neve McIntosh.

Crew & Production House: producer: Marcus Wilson, Margaret Enefer executive producer and directed by Bill Anderson. STV Productions

Synopsis: D.C.I. Matt Burke, D.S. Jackie Reid and D.I. Robbie Ross are called out to a block of flats after a uniform PC stumbles upon a deeply shocking scene. Tucked under their sheets, three children are found lying dead in their bedroom, whilst another is fighting for his life. The discovery is more disturbing still when the children’s father is found hanged in the bathroom.

Diagnosed as clinically depressed, Pete Ferguson, the children’s father, is the primary suspect believed to have killed his children and then himself. However, with no witnesses and surviving child Callum unconscious in hospital, Burke and the team are adamant they will get to the bottom of who is to blame for the horrendous deaths.

Duncan Clark reveals from his forensic examinations that Pete’s death preceded the children. With Pete eliminated as a suspect, the team must find a new lead to take them to the murderer.

Investigations get underway, but once Callum wakes up from his hospital bed, alongside his devastated mother Louise, the whole story becomes more sinister and takes a sickening twist.

Meanwhile, after years of being a slave to her job, Jackie contemplates her future.

Source: ITV

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