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S2703 Silent Truth

Title: Taggart:
crime/drama/police procedurals
Episode: S2703 Silent Truth
Episode Number: 106
Airdate AU:
Original airdate UK: Tuesday 25 January 2011
Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: STV/ITV
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Cast: D.C.I Matt Burke is played by Alex Norton, D.S Jackie Reid by Blythe Duff, D.I Robbie Ross by John Michie, DC Mita Rahim by Anneika Rose, D.S. Karen Campbell by Siobhan Redmond, Yusi Mamood by Bamshad Abedi-Amin, William Geddes by Michael Nardone, Soheil Mamood by Lewis Alsamari and Delkash by Nalini Chetty

Crew & Production House: producer: Marcus Wilson, Margaret Enefer executive producer and directed by Bill Anderson. STV Productions

Synopsis: Arriving in Glasgow for a fresh start, the Mamood family are distraught to learn their son, Farid Mamood, has been murdered; doused in petrol, set alight and left to burn to death.

As investigations get underway, D.C.I Matt Burke, D.S. Jackie Reid and D.I. Robbie Ross initially believe the murder may be racially motivated as this is a multi-ethnic community with plenty of tension and antagonism amongst various groups.

Keeping an eagle eye on Burke is DC Mita Rahim, a multi-lingual D.C from the Diversity Unit who D.S. Karen Campbell has brought in to assist the team on the murder enquiry. Resistant to Rahim’s involvement on the case, tensions in the team mount as they venture to uncover more clues.

Initial enquiries lead to two possible suspects; Yusi, Farid’s brother, and ex-soldier William Geddes. Geddes is very opinionated about his feeling towards the Mamood family and their arrival in his local area. Both suspects were seen near the crime scene, along with Farid’s cousin, Soheil, who is married to Geddes’ sister. Each provide a different alibi to their whereabouts on the evening of the murder, but one of them must be lying...

Hesitant to believe it may have been a race attack, Ross and Burke pursue all clues but believe the Mamoods are hiding information. Their instincts are justified when local drug baron Keenan enters the frame and it becomes clear that the case is far more complex than they had originally suspected.

Two more shocking attacks on Yusi and Farid’s sister, Delkash, occur and the Mamoods want answers. Who murdered their son? And who is targeting their family?

As further information is unravelled the Mamoods begin to discover family secrets they never knew and the truth is exposed to everyone.

Source: ITV

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