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S308 For King & Country

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Title: Sanctuary
Genre: scifi/supernatural/drama
Episode: S308 For King & Country
Runtime: 45+/- minutes 60+ with ads
Airdate AU: unknown
Original airdate US: Friday 3 December 2010
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Network AU: ABC2
Network US: SyFy
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Cast: Amanda Tapping as Dr Helen Magnus, Robin Dunne as Dr Will Zimmermann, Emilie Ullrep as Ashley Magnus, Christopher Heyerdahl as John Druitt/Big Foot, Agam Darshi as Kate Freelander and Ryan Robbins as Henry Foss
Guest cast: Ian Tracy as Adam Worth and Margot Berner as Imogene

Crew: Creator: Damian Kindler. Directors: Martin Wood, James Head, Peter Deluise, Brenton Spencer. Writers: Sam Egan, Damian Kindler, Peter Mohan. Executive Producers: Keith Beedie, Sam Egan (Show Runner), Damian Kindler, N. John Smith, Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood.

Synopsis: After capturing Adam, Magnus places him in the tightest security then reveals the turbulent beginnings he shares with The Five.

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