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S407 Episode Seven

Title: Primeval
Genre: drama/scifi/supernatural
Episode: S407 Episode Seven (Season Finale)
Runtime: 45+/- minutes 60+ with ads
Airdate AU: unknown
Original airdate UK: Saturday 5 February 2011
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Network AU: unknown
Network UK: ITV
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Cast: Ruth Kearney as Jess Parker, Ben Mansfield as TBA, Ciarán McMenamin as Matt Anderson, Ben Miller as TBA, Andrew Lee Potts as Connor Temple, Alexander Siddig as Philip Burton, Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitland

Preface: Season finale: When a Titanis reappears during an incursion, Connor is faced with a splintering anomaly. Meanwhile, Danny appears from the Rift Valley, with a warning for the team.

Synopsis: The team are sent to investigate an anomaly signal coming from an apartment building, only to discover a rampant Titanis wreaking havoc. As the team struggle to regain control, they get an even bigger surprise as the missing Danny runs through the anomaly. But emotional reunions all round have to wait, as he joins the attempt to get the Titanis back through the anomaly. The team don’t notice someone watching them from the shadows; it seems Ethan has tracked them down and is still plotting his revenge on Emily.

Connor is distracted however; something about this anomaly doesn’t seem right. Jess’s unusual statistics seem to back up his idea. While they lock the anomaly, Ethan has been discovered, but has managed to escape; Matt and Emily follow on, and Danny, with his cop’s nose for investigation offers to help. Emily is thrown by Danny; she recognises him from somewhere, but how?

Back at the incursion, Connor’s worries about the anomaly are confirmed as another entrance opens in a different area of the building, and through it, comes a now scared and flustered Titanis, unable to get home and beginning to panic. Becker, Connor and Abby work to get the animal back, eventually forced to use the EMDs to take it out and return it through the anomaly. It’s a race against time before another one opens up elsewhere and brings more danger with it.

After a brief chase, Emily manages to capture Ethan, and the group take him to the ARC. Danny realises the ARC is now run by Philip Burton, a name that seems to strike fear and suspicion into him. Returning to the new ARC for the first time, Danny uses his copper’s instinct to question Philip about what he learnt in Rift Valley; he has a link to Helen Cutter, and he wants to know why. Philip’s answer is rational and dismissive, but underneath he’s shaken by Danny’s accusations, and releases the captured Titanis, intending it to attack Danny. Instead, it kills the recently incarcerated Ethan, bringing Emily’s nightmare to an end.

Meanwhile, Connor appears to have fixed the anomaly problem, and in the process, has discovered an anomaly that opens to Victorian Britain. Emily decides she has to go home and face the life she left behind. But just as the anomaly closes, Danny decides to follow her; it’s not him she recognised, but his brother Patrick. And if there’s any chance he might still be alive, Danny has to take the chance to find him.

As Danny and Emily leave, Abby confronts an anguished Matt, she knows he’s hiding something. Reluctantly Matt admits his secret to her and the mission he has to achieve. In the background, Connor, still confounded by the odd anomaly behaviour, comes to a conclusion; convergence is coming…

Source: ITV

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