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Outcasts Interviews: Amy Manson

Title: Outcasts
Interview: Amy Manson
Network AU: unknown
Network UK: BBC
Airdate AU: unknown
Original airdate UK:
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Interview: Amy Manson plays Fleur Morgan, young, idealistic and a PAS officer alongside Cass Cromwell.

How would you describe your character Fleur?
I would describe her as fearless; she's almost like a bohemian woman but with a bit more fight. She has a beautiful spirit and I really hope people warm to her. She's unspoilt by her past, with her what you see is what you get.

What attracted you to the role and what did you think when you first read the scripts?

Probably Fleur's quick retorts, initially, and her playfulness with her comrade, Cass. She does adhere to orders but at the same time she manages to have a laugh about it. Then obviously there was the grandness of the project as a whole.

These people find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, what has Fleur's response been to it?

I think the fact that Fleur is a fighter, really, because she kind of grew up on her own and continually is fighting for a better life, not for herself but for Carpathia, she's always reaching out to others and will constantly put others before herself.

What would you say her biggest challenge has been so far?
Fleur's constant challenge is really not to let her work come home with her, every episode there's always someone who enters her life and that always has such a profound effect on her.

Can you say anything about Fleur's life that she left behind, or the people that she left behind?

Not really, because initially Fleur came over on her own and she doesn't really know much about her youth. The only thing she's learnt through her education on Carpathia is the fact that we all left Earth behind on the brink of collapse, basically.

Can you talk a little bit about Fleur's journey throughout the series?
She was like the rest of them, they landed on Carpathia with nothing really; there was no structure, no rulings, and every single person on Carpathia has had to build this new world that you find them in come episode one. A better world than the one they've left behind, or they hope it will be.

How would you describe the landscape of Carpathia and Forthaven?
Grand, breathtaking, just like nothing I've seen before, very epic.

The characters have been there for several years: what sort of place has it become and what's daily life like there?
They've tried to make the best of what they've had, and I think they've done well. Daily life for Fleur, she's a protection and support officer, which is like the equivalent of being a police officer on Earth, is just to get up, go to work, have banter, sort some people out and then go home, that's really her.

Is there anything from Earth that Fleur misses in particular?
Her parents, definitely, that's a big void left in her heart really. She never talks about it, which I put a lot of thought into initially, but later you'll find out why she's kind of brushed it aside and why she's had to do that.

Each person on Carpathia was chosen for a particular skill that they have, can you divulge what your character was chosen for?

Initially it was something else, but as the script developed there was something bigger that kind of came to the forefront. So she's got a kind of bigger secret than everyone.

So the whole series was filmed in South Africa, how was that and had you been there before?
No, I'd never been. The crew were an absolute joy; the country was so welcoming and beautiful. I can't wait to go back, hopefully!

What were the highlights filming in South Africa?

The chase sequences in episode four were pretty intense; really the whole storyline has just been a blessing for me as a young actress, playing such a strong character.

You did a lot of your own stunts didn't you?
Yes, I'd done a few horror movies before, driving a car into a burning house, but this was a lot more physical, and it was quite grating at times as well. Exhausting, but then it feels good to have done a day's work and feel like you've achieved something.

Would you describe yourself as a bit of a daredevil?
Yes, I was watching a skydive I did in Australia the other day.

The scenario that they find themselves in isn't necessarily so far-fetched, has this series made you think about that more and do you think it could happen in the future?
Well technology baffles me first, so I want to think about that rather than saving humanity right now. I'd prefer to solve problems right now, carpe diem my life right now and let others worry about it.

If you were chosen to go to another planet, what three things would you take with you?
The complete works of Shakespeare, a tub of Vaseline and photographs of family.

What would your ideal planet look like and have to offer?
Probably as natural as possible, lush green everywhere, waterfalls to jump in, lots of happy, content, ambitious people.

All of those chosen for Carpathia have a special skill. In real life, what would your skill be?

I'd have the ability to transform myself into different cultures and people, to experience more diverse roles in my work.

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