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S704 Dark Chocolate

Title: New Tricks
Genre: drama/crime/police procedurals/
Episode: S704 Dark Chocolate
Runtime: 55+/- minutes
Airdate AU: Friday 25 February 2011 at 2030hrs
Original airdate UK: Friday 1 October 2010
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Network AU: unknown
Network UK: BBC
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Cast: Helen Vestry is played by Caroline Carver, Eileen Harrison by Sian Brooke, Duncan Miller by Neil Stuke, Gerry Standing by Dennis Waterman, Brian Lane by Alun Armstrong, Tilly Shaw by Lizzie Roper, Mick Shaw by Alan McKenna, Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman by Amanda Redman and Jack Halford by James Bolam.

Synopsis: When a recent rape at a bakery is linked to two similar attacks at a chocolate factory 10 years previously, the UCOS team reopen all three unsolved cases. However, they find themselves stretched to the limit as they discover an unreported murder during the course of their investigation.

Helen Vestry was attacked a year ago at the bakers where she works. As with the attacks on Jean Saunders and Eileen Harrison at the Pyramid Chocolate Factory, Helen didn't see her attacker but recalls his distinct smell. While Helen has succeeded in moving on and not allowing her attacker to ruin her life further, the two other victims haven't been so fortunate. Jean Saunders has since died of cancer and when the team visit Eileen they discover a virtual recluse whose life appears to have stopped since the attack.

Factory boss Duncan Miller describes his business as "one big happy family". However, when Gerry Standing and Brian Lane speak to factory supervisor Tilly Shaw and her volatile husband Mick it is clear that Miller runs anything but a happy ship. With two rapes at the factory within a week of each other, Mick blames Miller for cutting back on security to save money. He claims that Miller put the factory girls' safety at risk, and when Tilly reveals that a third employee, Nisha Kumar, committed suicide four months after the attacks, the team fears she could have been another victim.

There is yet more scandal associated with Miller's "happy" factory. The team discovers that production was ceased on Pyramid's biggest-selling brand, the Nudger bar, when a severed finger was found in one. With all staff, visitors and contract workers DNA tested during the original investigation, how could a serial rapist have slipped through the net? And whose finger nearly destroyed the company's reputation?

Meanwhile, after a visit to his doctor Gerry decides to give up smoking. Eschewing self-help books and patches, Gerry takes the alternative approach of enlisting a "fag buddy", someone sympathetic who can support and encourage him. She may not seem the natural choice, but Sandra Pullman is delighted to help. Wheezing and highly irritable, it's only a matter of time before Gerry's resolve is tested, with almost disastrous consequences.

Source: BBC

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