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Murderland: The Story

Title: Murderland
Genre: drama/crime/
Episode: S101 Episode 1
Runtime: 180+/- minutes TBC
Airdate AU: Friday 28 January 2011 at 2030hrs
Original airdate UK: Part One Monday 19 October 2009
Original airdate UK: Part One Monday 26 October 2009
Original airdate UK: Part One Monday 2 November 2009
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Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: ITV

Series cast: DI Douglas Hain is played by Robbie Coltrane, Carol Walsh is played by Amanda Hale, Carrie Walsh is played by Bel Powley, Sally Walsh is played by Lucy Cohu, Dr Laura Maitland is played by Sharon Small, Oliver is played by Nicholas Gleaves, Rachel is played by Lorraine Ashbourne, Tony Philips is played by David Westhead, Whitaker is played by Andrew Tiernan, Jess is played by Yasmin Page, Will is played by David Gyasi, McGrathis played by Steven Robertson, DC Hart is played by Mali Harries, Connor Mackie is played by Paul Thornley, Crawford is played by Guy Henry, Tobias is played by Michael Bertenshaw.

Crew: Written by David Pirie. Directed by Catherine Morshead. Produced by Touchpaper Scotland. RDF Rights, part of the RDF Media Group, hold all international rights to the new series.

Preface One murder, two time frames, three perspectives. A knife-edge three part emotional noirish thriller, set in 1994 and present day, told from three points-of-view: Carrie, (Bel Powley) the daughter of the murdered woman, whose life has been changed forever and whose memories may hold the key to the killer’s identity. And her adult self, Carol, (Amanda Hale) a woman determined to find out who her mother really was and what happened to her.

DI Douglas Hain, (Robbie Coltrane) the detective in charge of the investigation, who involved with the case more than he can reveal to anyone. Like Carrie, Hain is haunted by the murder so when adult Carol turns up on his doorstep he feels forced to help her, regardless of the cost and his own motives.

Sally, (Lucy Cohu) the murder victim whose hopes and dreams of carving out a better life for herself and her daughter are smashed to pieces one fateful night in 1994. And whose life, and death, we will piece together through flashback, from different perspectives, unravelling the truth about her and the real reason she died.

Murderland is a drama that asks the question, can you ever move on from terrible events that befall you as a child, and grow up and make a new life? Or will you be forever haunted, unable to really live as an adult until you know the truth? When the event is the murder of your mother while you were only 13 and the murderer was never caught, a state of obsession can overtake you, you enter Murderland. To return from there is an arduous journey lasting well into your adult life. So that finally the grown-up Carol’s desire to find the terrifying truth is stronger than her ability to forget, even if it puts her life and the lives of others in danger.

Murderland is a drama about the life, and death of one woman and how her murder obsesses those she leaves behind, Carrie and Douglas Hain, a man and a child, who forged a strange and unconventional bond through grief and through Carrie’s obsessive desire to find the killer so that some 15 years later, they both still feel haunted by the murdered woman.

Murderland is a taut thriller in the film noir tradition: full of moral and sexual ambiguity, especially surrounding the victim. But contained within the three episodes a love story. Love lost and found, trust destroyed and rebuilt, and the endless questions that linger over what might have been.

Through three perspectives the drama will eventually piece together the truth. And in the process it will show how widely the recollection of events can vary from person to person, sometimes painfully so. And how memories may be trapped by grief and shock, becoming too painful to retrieve.

On the 21st of June 1994 Sally Walsh, a woman who worked in a massage parlour on the fringes of the sex industry is found murdered in the small kitchen of her house in an unremarkable street in North West London. Her 13 year old daughter Carrie was out but returned to find her home a crime scene. Despite numerous suspects, no one was ever charged with the murder.

Synopsis Present Day: Carol (Carrie grown up) is now a beautiful woman, about to get married. But feeling the absence of her mother at such a milestone in her life makes Carol wants to reconnect to her mother the only way she knows how. And a highly charged review of the police files triggers a series of unsettling memories. Murderland remains buried deep inside her and many questions remain unanswered. Carol finds she has opened a Pandora’s Box and flees her wedding to trace detective Douglas Hain, who has long since retired. Somehow Carol is going to face her past once and for all.

Meanwhile we see her memories of 1994, and the terrifying events surrounding her mother’s murder. From the last happy moments Carrie spent as an innocent teenager, to the full horror of the murder and aftermath as her family life and childhood is lost. In the course of the investigation that follows Carrie adopts what many see as an unhealthy obsession with the case and its investigating officer DI Douglas Hain (Coltrane). We understand the case only from Carrie’s perspective whilst getting hints of all that is hidden from her. Until in a horrifying conclusion Carrie suddenly grasps how much she has failed to understand how close she is to becoming the next victim.

Present Day: Carol confronts a startled Hain. Will she believe Hain’s version of events she now forces him to reveal?

The full picture of 1994 through detective Gordon Hain’s adult perspective is compelling as it takes us into all the detail of a murder case riven by conflict, tension and dark secrets. Where Hain increasingly struggles with conflicting emotions surrounding the murdered woman and her vulnerable daughter.

Present Day: The culmination of Carol’s obsessive drive to find out the truth of what happened. A quest which puts Hain in a terrible dilemma as he has powerful reasons for not wanting Carol to dig any deeper into the murder.

And in Episode Three we explore the final perspective on events, namely the murdered woman herself, Sally Walsh (Lucy Cohu). And the truth when finally pieced together is more shocking than Carol ever imagined.

Will Carol ever be able to leave Murderland?

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