Murderland Interviews: Amanda Hale

Title: Murderland
Interview:  Amanda Hale
Network AU: ABC1
Network UK: ITV
Airdate AU: Friday 28 January 2011 at 2030hrs
Original airdate UK: Part One Monday 19 October 2009
Original airdate UK: Part One Monday 26 October 2009
Original airdate UK: Part One Monday 2 November 2009
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Interview: Amanda Hale as Carol Walsh: What is your take on the plot? “At the beginning of the drama Carol thinks she’s found out who has murdered her mother. This becomes the main driving force in re-building her life. However, as Murderland unfolds we realise the story is more about a journey of discovery for Carol. She has to make a choice whether to carry on with her life as it is or go back and try and find out who murdered her mother. She’s reached a milestone in her life and is about to get married, but can’t fully commit until all her unanswered questions are finally answered.

She is finding it hard to move on. Her memorises are tortured because she either paints her mother as a villain or can’t comprehend who her mother really was. Through the film she finds a way to live with her mother’s memory and finally it becomes part of her everyday life instead of being a huge burden.

What was you first thought after reading the script?

I wasn’t aware of the term Murderland before I read the script. I did quite a lot of research for the role and read James Ellroy’s book which focuses on the murder of his mother and his journey in finding out who did it. Reading this book, coupled with the research I carried out about bereavement and people who have lost parents in a violent way rather than through an illness, really helped me build Carol’s character.

How did you find leading man Robbie Coltrane?

Robbie is so much fun. He’s such a generous, cheeky. humble guy who creates a really great atmosphere on set. When you arrive on set it’s like watching a great stand up comedian on stage. You just sit back in your seat and get ready to laugh, he is great. Filming was full on and he never complained. He is always very aware of other people and very considerate in his approach to work.

What now for Amanda Hale?

Now filming's finished, I’m currently performing at the National Theatre until January. It’s a production called “Our Class” which is set in Poland during the Second World War and is about a class of Polish and Jewish children. It follows them through their lives and as they grow up. Their country is torn apart by invading armies, first Soviet and then Nazi and internal grievances deepen as fervent nationalism develops. Friends betray each other and violence escalates, until these ordinary people carry out an extraordinary and monstrous act that darkly resonates to this day. It’s written by a Polish playwright who is brilliant. After going from Murderland to “Our Class”, two very intense productions, I think I may need to do a slapstick comedy afterwards, just to rebalance things!”

Source: ITV

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