Murderland is a television series made by Touchpaper Scotland, part of the RDF Media Group, and commissioned by ITV1, the three part drama of sixty minutes per episode deals with a murder in two time periods, 1994 and present day, the story is told from three perspectives, Carrie, (Bel Powley) the daughter of the murdered woman, whose life has been changed forever and whose memories may hold the key to the killer’s identity. And her adult self, Carol, (Amanda Hale) a woman determined to find out who her mother really was and what happened to her.

Police Officer Detective Inspector Douglas Hain, (Robbie Coltrane) the detective in charge of the investigation, who involved with the case more than he can reveal to anyone. Like Carrie, Hain is haunted by the murder so when adult Carol turns up on his doorstep he feels forced to help her, regardless of the cost and his own motives.

Sally, (Lucy Cohu) the murder victim whose hopes and dreams of  carving out a better life for herself and her daughter are smashed to pieces one fateful night in 1994.  And whose life, and death, we will piece together through flashback, from different perspectives, unravelling the truth about her and the real reason she died.

In Australia Murderland will air on ABC1, the piece will go to air as a feature length film on 28 January 2011 at 2030hrs