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S101 Episode One

Title: Monday Monday
Genre: comedy/drama/
Episode: S101 Episode One
Runtime: 50+/-
Airdate AU: unknown
Original airdate UK: Friday 28 January 2011 T 2030
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Network AU: ABC2
Network UK: ITV
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Cast: Christine played by Fay Ripley, Sally played by Morven Christie, Alyson played by Holly Aird, Max played by Neil Stuke, Roger played by Peter Wight, Jenny played by Jenny Agutter, Steven played by Tom Ellis, Natasha played by Laura Haddock, Vince played by Saikat Ahamed, Tall Karen played by Miranda Hart, Small Karen played by Jodie Taibi

Guest cast: Comedian played by Colin Edwynn, Dull Man at AA played by Daniel Tatarsky, Barman played by Daniel Poyser

Synopsis: Butterworth’s, a national supermarket chain which is struggling in the tough current economic climate, has relocated its head office to Leeds and its staff are adapting to their new location. Sally, the PA to Christine,Head of Human Resources, is also adapting to a broken engagement.

She’s persuaded by her flatmate and best friend, natasha, to go out for a drink with the other PAs, but goes to the wrong pub and meets a handsome man, Steven, who she invites back to her place. Unfortunately the night of passion is curtailed when she feels sick from too much drink.

So she’s mortified when she turns up at work the next morning to find that Steven is now working at the desk next to hers. She’s even more mortified when she finds out that he’s having an affair with the new Chief operating officer, Alyson Cartmell. They eventually talk and decide to be just good friends,  though it’s clear that Sally has stronger feelings for him, particularly when she’s warned off subtly by Alyson.

Christine is struggling with the move too. She feels very threatened by Alyson who’s obviously going to be much less lenient than Roger, the CEo, who turns a blind eye to Christine’s incompetence and evident drink problem. When Christine panics over a presentation, gets drunk, and humiliates Sally in public, announcing that it’s no surprise that her fiancé ran off with her sister, Sally punches her. Having sacked Sally, Alyson tells Roger that they’ll also have to get rid of Christine.

Roger, however, is concerned that Christine knows too much, particularly about some dark secret that he shares with his PA called Uxbridge Holdings. Roger finally stands up to Alyson and tells her that he refuses to sack Christine and wants Sally reinstated. Christine persuades Sally to come back and promises to sort herself out.

Max Chambers is determined to be made acting head of marketing while his boss is away on sick leave. He tells the two PAs in his department, natasha and Vince, that they’ll need to impress him in order to win the promotion to marketing assistant but when natasha realises this involves sexual favours from her, she tricks Vince into offering his services instead.

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