Fit For Murder: Characters

Title: Midsomer Murders
Episode: Fit For Murder
Cast & Characters: Overview
Network AU:
Network UK: ITV
Airdate AU: TBA
Original airdate UK: Wednesday 2 February 2011
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The Characers: Miranda Bedford - Geraldine James
Miranda lives next door to Swavely Manor and is a childhood friend of the owner Phoebe Archbold. She’s fiftyish and strikingly attractive in a bohemian sort of way. She has been working on a novel almost all her adult life.

Phoebe Archbold - Lesley Manville
Phoebe inherited Swavely Manor, which she now runs as a spa hotel with her husband Luke. She’s also attractive, but in a much more conventional way than her friend Miranda.

Luke Archbold - Jason Durr

Luke is Phoebe’s husband and slightly younger than her. He’s a good looking lounge lizard but quite aggressive and his money-making schemes don’t always go to plan.

Julian Woodley - Oliver Mellor

A personal trainer at the spa, Julian is a dopey hunk with bulging abs and pecs.

Kenny Pottinger - Angus Barnett
A well-off, loud-mouthed, big man who’s a keen golfer. He’s in his late 30s but already going to seed.

Kitty Pottinger - Ronni Ancona
Kenny’s wife Kitty is a regular client at Swavely Manor. She’s attractive but raddled and needs regular therapy to revive her.

Carter Smith - Shaun Dingwall
A charismatic local man married to Janet, Smith is a bit of a ducker and diver. He’s a keen supporter of Miranda and dislikes Luke.
Dr Giles Danby - Miles Richardson
The resident medic at Swavely Manor, Dr Danby is louche and suave.

Cloud - Kimberley Nixon
A therapist at the spa, ‘Cloud’ is hippyish but appears quite insightful.

Natasha Fox - Sally Giles
An attractive woman in her 40s who’s a client at Swavely Manor.

Clarky - Eric Carte
Landlord of The Feathers, a pub near Swavely Manor. Clarky is an amiable, well-upholstered man in his 50s, who’s used to catering for escapees from the spa.

John Barnaby - Neil Dudgeon
Tom Barnaby’s cousin, also a DCI and currently head of Brighton CID.

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